Ah, Destination weddings. Especially in Vegas.

Some of my all time favourite photos are in this album. Probably just because I’m nostalgic. This wedding did mean a lot to me. Destination weddings are entirely different from any other kind of wedding. You spent four or five days with the family and friends, and everyone gets to know each other really well. The first day in Vegas, I drove out with Ashley’s uncle and took photos of the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. It was so incredible. I got to know everyone in the family so well.

I even made it to the bachelor party. We at until it hurt, then we ate some more. Freemont street, then bottle service to top off the night. The wedding itself was amazing too.

I love big puffy dresses.

And this is, for sure, a big puffy dress. Ashley pulled it off just fine. We couldn’t walk anywhere – we were constantly pulled aside for photos. Everyone wanted to be in the photo with the beautiful bride. Even the bouquet toss had more strangers in it than friends. Or I should say new friends. Ashley turned around, and a crowd gathered, just like magic.

After, it was straight to the open air bus.

Everyone had packed drinks. The driver drove to the vegas sign, where pictures were taken. It was really hard to get the group shot. Weddings are one of those things you’d like experience in every sort of situation. That way, you’re prepared. I had a really wide throw for my flash. No worry. Set it to +3, shoot with a low aperture to induce vignetting on the sides of the image, then pull down the diffuser panel on your flash to introduce more light on the borders than the centre – thus cancelling out the effect. On the spot.

Formals were taken at the Neon Boneyard. I couldn’t have asked for these photos to turn out better than they did. I love every one of them.

So I hope you love these photos as much as I do. I remember one of the most fun weekends in my career.