Three boys and a brand new baby can be challenging sometimes! That’s why I’m glad I did the santa photos over christmas. I spent the day doing my best to make little kids smile over the period of the day. Fourteen hours of that a day and you start to get a little crazy! Fortunately, we had two breaks a day. We could get food court food (I just LOVE food court food. It’s my guilty pleasure) Chinese food especially. It’s not something I usually grab – the carbs can get pretty insane. But I love carbs. I love them so much I’d probably let them go through my phone.

There was the old key-shaking trick being used here quite a bit. This is a brand new family – that adorable little girl that you see is only two months old! Little kids have so much expression at that age. I think every photo that I took she had a totally different expression! She better get used to all those expressions – she’s got two older brothers who just love her. She’s gonna have a fun childhood with those boys around.

They were really great too. I always make sure to pick somewhere cool for a family shoot. This is important, because if kids are too warm or hot or humid or anything, really, and you’ll have a bad time. They get kinda grouchy. Which, I mean, I can’t really blame them. Now when I do family shoots, I prefer to do them in the evening or early morning. This is so that they’ll be nice and cool.

If it’s off season, say May or October, it’s cool enough to do a shoot in the middle of the day if you’d like it! Just the summers here in BC can get above 40ยบ. Easily. Days like that I turn on the air conditioning and crack open a good book in my bedroom, or head to the beach.