Family Photos – The Weird and the Beautiful.


I come from a large family – 9 kids. And as the oldest boy, I’ve been surrounded by kids my whole life. And I love kids. I want 5 or more.

I love newborn photos. They have to be natural, fun, and full of personality, which would be why I’m the guy you call for the in home sessions.

It’s great to get the family together around the holidays. Every family session comes with prints or canvases included, and digital downloads of every photo to anyone you want to share the link with. You’ll have a great family photo with everyone smiling at the camera. It’ll look great in your living room.

We’ll get a beautiful photo of grandma and grandpa, one you’ll hang in the study. We’ll get some photos of the kids, and then we’ll get some fun photos of them goofing around with the dog, teasing each other, or giving you big hugs. These photos just become more precious as time goes on. These moments will never happen again.

These days I shoot about 2-3 families a week, and I just love it. I do my best to involve props like sparklers and guitars, and always end up with something incredible. If you’d like to know a little more about scheduling a family session, click here.

Family sessions can happen anywhere – if there are enough scheduled, I will even travel overseas for a week. Some of the better areas are Okanagan Landing, Outback Resort, Ellison Park, Kal Provincial Park, Polson Park, and Coldstream Park. There’s a few places as well that are private – only I have access to them. These are mostly small areas of land, like a dock on Okanagan Landing Road.

Enjoy. 😀