Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequent questions

  • Where are you based, and what do you shoot?

We’re based in Vernon and Kelowna, BC. I shoot some weddings here, and others are all over the North America. I’m in love with maternity shoots, and family photo sessions have a special place in my heart.

  • I live in Glasgow/Ireland/England/South America/ect and I’d like Family Portraits/A Workshop

Get some people together. For family photos, I will travel if you can get me 5 sessions total. I’ll pay for my plane ticket, hotel, car rental, ect. All you have to do is find five families I can book to make it worth my while. In the summer I’m shooting weddings every weekend, but the spring and autumn are just fine.

For a workshop, find 7 of your friends who’d like to take one – that would be 8 people in total. I do two day workshops, 6 hours each day. First day is theory and small practice runs, second day is shooting, lighting, and photoshop tips.

I’d love to get to know you. You might get a few extra photos/prints if you invite me to dinner.

Send me an email and let’s get this ball rolling.

  • What is the price of your services?

Check out the Investments page here!

  • Do you teach or offer workshops? Do you need a second shooter?

Yes, I do teach. In the summer, I’ll teach 4-5 classes a week, consisting of over 60 students. Check out the details here. If I require a second shooter, I will often ask one of my students.

  • How do you shoot so many weddings in so many gorgeous locations?

I book most of my weddings from word of mouth. That’s why I always put 110% into every wedding – I pour my heart and soul into these special days. Wedding blogs and magazines are a huge help as well.

I don’t believe it’s the locations that make photos, though. It’s beautiful couples, and the love they share. Some days I’d rather shoot in a backyard decorated with christmas lights than in a large church.

  • What if we don’t want you to publish our photos online?

Not all my weddings are published online – I simply don’t have the time or space to blog them. If you’d like to be one of the weddings I pass over, simply let me know. For you higher profile couples, and NDA can be signed. That means that no photo I take at your event will be shared with anyone except for you.

  • We don’t like the photos with forced posing an unnatural smiles. We like the candid and offbeat photos!

I couldn’t agree more.I’ll still give you enough direction so you feel comfortable, but not so much you don’t look natural. That’s why I prefer to capture every moment, from you getting ready, all the way to the end of the night and the last dance. This is the reason I love weddings – the feelings that transcend the photos.

It’s also part of the reason I make sure to photograph every guest as well. Friends and family tend to love it, and I’ve seen more than a few new profile pictures pop up that I’ve taken at weddings! Got kids? I’ll make sure to photograph them too. Heck, they might even end up the front of a magazine. 

  • What is your selection criteria? 

With the amount of inquiries I get, the unfortunate truth is that I can’t photograph everyone’s wedding. If I have the date free, though, I do follow up. I’m looking for fun, adventurous couples that aren’t afraid to step outside their boundaries. I don’t want to put you in a churchyard and take a photo. I do want to take a photo of you on a bridge during sunset, possibly with candles and sparklers all over. I want to take a photo of you in the middle of a crosswalk on a busy highway. Every year I am looking for ways to challenge people’s perception of wedding photos. The couples that are adventurous enough to join me in this daunting task have my gratitude.

  • Can my friends or family photograph too?

Of course! I teach many photography classes, so having a few other photographers near me is nothing new. As long as they’re not rude, and they don’t impede my work, they’re more than welcome to hang out with me the whole day!

  • How much does it cost to travel to our wedding?

It’s cheaper than you think. Anything within two hours of Kelowna is considered local. Outside of that, my Gold and Platinum packages have travel already included – no need to budget extra money! Anyone outside North American, and UK? Shoot me a message. I do, however, require at least one day before the ceremony to scout out locations.

  • How many images will I receive?

We will give you all the images from your wedding, individually edited on USB drive. Not every photo makes it – there’s some of you blinking, and those duplicates, and maybe ones where you look kinda weird. Most couples end up with 300+ images, but if you have all day coverage or a second shooter, expect more.

  • How will I receive my photographs?

You can expect to receive your proofing gallery two weeks after the wedding. In that gallery, you have the opportunity to mark photos that you like. The rejects will not end up in your public gallery – the one given to friends and family for their personal printing and use. They will only be present on your USB.

  • I’ve lost my photographs. What now?

Simply contact me, and I’ll send a USB your way. There is an additional charge for this, as my USB’s are custom made. If you’d like to avoid that charge, send me a USB stick and I’ll fill it with your wedding photos, then mail it back. I will keep your wedding photos for ten years – on my hard drive, and backed up on the cloud. If it’s been longer than ten years, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’ve probably got an old hard drive I can root through and find them.

  • What do we receive?

You will receive the images that I’ve carefully selected. Generally, this will range around 400+ images. You’ll also get special downsized versions for email and social media. On request, I can also include black and white versions. If you’ve ordered an album it should arrive within four weeks of the photos – my albums are leatherbound, they take a while for the binders and printers to put it together.

  • I’ve got an elopement/firehouse wedding/skydiving engagement. What’s your rate?

Send me a message. I’d like to be part of this.

  • What if you get sick?

Well, I’ve never missed a wedding yet. However, if the worst happens, I’m part of a large network of fantastic photographers. I’ll find you an amazing photographer that I guarantee you’ll love.

  • How much is the deposit? Is it refundable and how quickly will I have to pay it?

I recommend you pay your deposit as soon as possible. It secures your date of booking. It is $500 CAD and non refundable.

  • When is the full amount due?

The outstanding amount is due 14 days within the wedding day.  I have the most flexible payment plans in the industry. We can charge a set amount to your credit card every month (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) or I can help you set up a deposit from your bank account to my business bank account. Outside of the deposit, all payments are refundable if the wedding day is cancelled.

  • Do you have an assistant?

Sometimes, I will take one of my students with me to assist. They are all wonderful, and they will make you smile all day long while shooting.

  • How do I make a booking?

Simply drop me a line. I’d love to get to know you.

  • I have other questions that aren’t mentioned here!

Awesome! Shoot me an email and we’ll get to talking!