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The Sunny Predator Ridge Wedding Sampler

October 11, 2022 / Wedding

Although I've photographed Predator Ridge many times before, this is the most fall that a gallery has ever looked. It was a stead 20 degrees, we were nice and cool, and the leaves...


The Westside Wedding Sampler

September 18, 2022 / Wedding

September 17th was a bright and sunny day after a week of rain, and that's a good thing - we had constant sunshine on this beautiful day. This wedding takes place out on Westside ...


The Island Lake Lodge Wedding Sampler

September 12, 2022 / Wedding

Fernie is a strange place. You wouldn't know it, driving through the Alberta-border city, but there's some fairly remote and beautiful resorts in this area. This is one of them. ...


The Waterfall Wedding in Tappen, BC

September 5, 2022 / Wedding

Stage 2, then four. We did our formals at Margaret Falls, and they have these incredible rock walls. On one side, there's shrubbery growing all up it, on the other side, there's r...


The Edgewood Wedding Sampler

August 29, 2022 / Sampler

Where is Edgewood? It's up in the mountains, so it's a few degrees cooler than the city. There's fields and the town has a store, and also a beach. I can't really say much more ab...


The Sunflower Wedding at Cedar Ridge Guest Ranch Sampler

August 25, 2022 / Wedding

Saturday's wedding was incredible. Our beautiful couple had planned it to coincide with the bloom festivals, and during the sneakaway, you'll find out why. We'll start out at ...


The Guisachan House Wedding in Kelowna Sampler

August 13, 2022 / Uncategorized

There's this beautiful little oasis tucked away in the corners of Kelowna. We call it Guisachan House. It's a very, very old mansion, surrounded by tall trees, flowers, and arbour...


The Stormy Coldstream Wedding Sampler

August 13, 2022 / Wedding

I've been reading about Thursday's red sky for a few days now. Everyone's so excited, it was so rare and so beautiful. We actually got it - in our sunset sneakaway. We really got ...


The Sparkly Seymour Arm Wedding Sampler

August 8, 2022 / Sampler

What to say, besides this day was a trip. Literally a trip too - Seymour Arm is literally a three hour drive away from Vernon. One of those remote cities without cell phone recept...


The Island Wedding at Lake Oyama Sampler

July 25, 2022 / Sampler

Lake Oyama is an incredible place. Just above Kelowna, it has all these small islands you can boat out to. Originally, one of these islands was meant to be the ceremony site, but it didn'...