Coldstream Park, in my opinion, is one of the hidden gems in Vernon. It’s got everything that you need for family photos – a long, dirt road. Beautiful, well manicured arches of trees. There’s even little flowers on the side of the road this time of year. I’m not much of a horticulturist, but they look like blue baby’s breath. They give me a little more variety in my pictures – and that’s what I look for. Especially when you’re dealing with little kids, you don’t have their attention for very long. It’s really about trying to get as diverse of a session in half an hour as you possibly can.

I’m really into this session. I’ve had this obsession for the past few weeks on top – down photos. That’s when you take the photo from up above. It’s really great for texture – you get a well textured image with good colour theory. Here, we’ve got a great example of complementary colour theory. Especially in the last image. I’m a huge fan of solid colours in shoots. It makes it far easier to match up my subjects with the correct colours for colour correct colour theory.

When taking top down shots, it’s best to use a wider angle lens too – as long as you can hold it at least three or four feet above your subject. Watch out for your shoes and camera strap! They way you can get a lot context – what we call the scene.

I knew that this would be an awesome shoot the second I arrived. Some wild deer were roaming around the baseball diamond! The kids were filming the deer, but always very respectful of the distance that the young deer would like. Deer are everywhere here, but it’s still just an amazing experience to see them at our parks.