Family Photography is something I’ve really gotten into. Kids are a ton of fun, and they love adventure. In this session, Tania’s kids were fantastic. They had a lot of energy, and were totally down for whatever pose or idea that I suggested. All the time they were blowing dandelion seeds at each other, playfully putting leaves on each other’s heads, and scaring each other with stories of bees and spiders. This is a high energy group of people, and it shows! To add to it, I’m actually photographing the wedding in October. I was pretty excited before, but now I’m super excited. We’re going to be able to spend the day together and get photos all day! This particular wedding is going to be at Lake LeJeune. This is a beatiful venue out in the country. A little past Kamloops.

Polson Park is one of my favourite places to photograph as well.

It’s a well kept park, central to Vernon. There’s a long wood pathway through a marsh, quite a few bridges, a pagota, a water park, a running track, two tennis courts, two duck ponds, a creek, and the list goes on. It’s lush and green. There’s even a small tree for climbing. Take a look at the photos in the album – we even got some photos of the kids up in the tree! There’s a few gardens with tulips and roses in it too. These make for good colour theory, and beautiful background blur. In my opinion, even though Kelowna has the waterfront, they could really use a park like this. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in BC. If you and your family are passing through Vernon, I really, really recommend you stop. Right across the street is a Tim Hortons and the Polson Diner, so you can grab some coffee or tea for your walk through the gardens.