Portrait and Grad Highlights

Portraits are unique.

They can come from anywhere.

Many times, it depends on the time of year. In April and May, I’m contracted to do grad portraits. In June, I tend to shoot more for magazines. You’ll see my work pop up form time to time in Pulp Magazine, Okanagan Life Magazine, and Ratchet Magazine. Since my original background is in fashion photography, I seem to be a favourite of magazine editors.

Head shots are all year around.

There’s a mixture of studio work and outdoor work. To be honest, I like to capture folks in their natural environment. A man sitting by his dog, a young girl posing near a forest path where she grew up. There’s a certain kind nostalgia there. I seem to get something out of my portraits that are normally missing somehow.

I recommend scheduling half an hour for a portrait session. It might seem quick and easy, but there’s a lot to it. That way you can also have a wider selection of photos to print. Every photo gets delivered in a gallery, and there’s the option to grab extra prints. Normally it’s great to bring an extra set of clothes as well – perhaps a blazer. If you’ve packed dark clothes, try wearing something light. It’s important to notice and observe how your interact with your environment. If we can change the clothing, there’s a few extra places I can put you. We’re always trying to create a strong contrast.

As always, enjoy.


I still find doing portraits a terrific challenge, but even though I’ve done hundreds of them, I’ve never stopped questioning the very nature of portraiture because it deals exclusively with appearances. I’ve never believed people are what they look like and think it’s impossible to really know what people are.

~ Duane Michals