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The Vancouver Wedding Near Trinity Western May 7, 2016 / Wedding Galleries One of the benefits of being a wedding photographer is how close I get to be to the action. I'm right there, in the middle of everything. I worry that once other people discover how fun this is, every... READ MORE A Soaking Wet Seaside Wedding In Victoria May 7, 2016 / Wedding Galleries I took the first ferry over to Victoria. I'll take on any excuse to shoot a wedding in Victoria. And oh my. Right away it began to rain. Normally, that would ruin an outdoor wedding. But this was no... READ MORE Silver Sage Wedding Photos in Coldstream, BC May 7, 2016 / Wedding Galleries Silver Sage Stables is one of my favourite places to shoot - it's no secret. It's an old style barn, actually in use for many years. There's lights up on the top, attached to the rafters. Many times, ... READ MORE The Coldstream Wedding at Mackey House May 6, 2016 / Wedding Galleries Check out these dress photos. To this day, the ring photo is one of my most liked photos on my instagram. I believe it's around 500 likes at the moment. Mackey House is really something else too. Vote... READ MORE The Vegas Wedding in an Open Air Bus May 6, 2016 / Wedding Galleries Ah, Destination weddings. Especially in Vegas. Some of my all time favourite photos are in this album. Probably just because I'm nostalgic. This wedding did mean a lot to me. Destination weddings are... READ MORE The Sparkling Hills Elopement May 4, 2016 / Wedding Galleries   I love photographing a good wedding, but this one was a little different. The wedding had become large. Very large. It was meant to happen in a huge venue on a ski hill. Both the the bride a... READ MORE