So I now have a twitter! It was just a matter of time. I’ve often been back and forth about twitter, but I figure it’s time to take the jump.

Fun Fact: I was supposed to photograph a wedding on Saturday. All pumped up and ready to go…but due to some extenuating circumstances, it was cancelled.

No matter. No big deal. It’s sad because I was very excited about this one, but also a day off to explore the Okanagan. I loaded up my car with coffee and water (the two essentials) and headed off to Penticton.

Penticton Books
A book store in Penticton

A few weeks ago, a prism I had ordered came in the mail. I adore any kind of optics, especially glass and shooting through glass. There’s another kit I’ve got my eye on, but we might have to get through a few more weddings before I splurge!

Penticton is a neat town. I’ve done a wedding or two there, and I always enjoy myself. It’s about a 45 minute drive past Kelowna, so it’s within working distance. There’s a few bookstores, a record/music shop (I KNOW!) and most of the city is situated right by a beach spanning a few miles. There’s even a long river that the locals float down. Because Canada, you see.

Penticton Prism
Books ‘n Prisms in Penticton

I met up with a friend and we had an amazing dinner. And some pretty decent wine. You can see I’ve got the prism on the top left of the image, refracting  a section of the directional light coming from the lamp (I didn’t use a flash in this example)

Penticton Prism
Near the top

It’s worth it to mention there’s different kinds of prisms. You have your regular, irregular, right, oblique, triangular, pentagonal and hexagonal prisms. Round and triangular prisms seem to work the best for photography. You can also get them made of different materials. Here, I’m using one made of Pyrex, however the prisms made of glass are a bit more desirable because they literally split the light instead of dissecting it.


Well, I hope everyone learned a lot about prisms. Time to bore someone with this info! Go now!