“Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.”

~ Mignon McLaughlin

Funny we mention that. I just finished teaching the class on posing on our Photography Classes. My wednesday class is fun. Usually my classes are 12-15 people, and you can imagine teaching three of them on sunday. Well, my Wednesday class is a bit smaller. Try 1-2 people. I guess wednesday isn’t that popular this time around! We still have a grand ‘ol time though. This time we taught ISO as well, low light shooting tricks.

I’m glad I teach. It keeps everything nice and fresh. Keeps me fresh. My current fresh obsession? Try Saul Leiter. But first – a bit of background.

Vernon from Turtle Mountain
A few boys looking over Vernon from Turtle Mountain

Generally, when we’re dressing up our kids, we’d like to add a few lays. A collar is wonderful. With this shoot, I was pleased because these boy’s mother was very fashion conscious. Why do we do this?

Well, we’ve got a term we throw around in photography called, “texture.” Now, the more simple your composition is, the more powerful it is. That doesn’t mean your subject you should be devoid of texture. It means making your photo accessible.

Remember those strange Sylvia Plath poems from your childhood? I’m sure they’re beautiful, but they’re not what I call accessable. There’s no straight lines for your mind to follow. The symbolism is there, but it is unreachable.

Beauty isn’t caused by its inaccessibility, nor is it a necessity. Beauty can more easily be found in simplicity than pretension.

It’s the same thing with photographs. Here, Saul has a ton of understated simplicity, yet the photos are brimming with texture and meaning.  I recommend you take a look. Unfortunately, he was undiscovered in his life, but he still remains on of my favorites.

Turtle Mountain Family Shoot
Sitting in the shade on Turtle Mountain

My other obsession? A lightbulb that’s actually a flash! I’m not even kidding. You pop this thing into any outlet, and it’ll go off whenever it sees another flash go off. Plug it in, and forget about it…but your next party will go bonkers!

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As always, thanks for reading, and see you in three days!