Well, it’s best to kick up your legs for this one. It’s going to be a long post. How long? Well, let’s just say the original album is 839 images large. Message me for the download code. It’s SO BIG I had to clear out everyone other wedding from my pixieset. I recommend you download those images as soon as possible – I’ve got another wedding that’s getting posted in a week.

Although the photos you see below are taken by me, many of the images in this album were taken with my extremely talented second shooter – Image Studios. Thanks for the help, Fiona!

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Vernon Photographer 3


Fiona seemed very sure that these aren’t sunflowers, but they really look like sunflowers! Can anyone help me out on this? Leave a comment on my facebook page.


Vernon Photographer 9


Vernon Photographer 7


We start our adventure at The Cove. Probably my favorite thing about the cove is how close it is to one of my top ten favorite shoot spots, Gellatly Nut Farm. There’s so many different kinds of trees there. If you come at just the right time of year, the ground will be littered with nuts as well.


Vernon Photographer 12 Vernon Photographer 17 Vernon Photographer 13


Classic dress. I’m sure Tara would look amazing in whatever she decided to wear. She looked especially stunning in this gown, though.


Vernon Photographer 19 Vernon Photographer 20


Things were fairly laid back. Delicious drinks were being slowly consumed. iPads batteries were draining slowly.


Vernon Photographer 25



All of a sudden, a gift came from the groom.


Vernon Photographer 27 Vernon Photographer 29


He packed it up with a loving note. Guys, take note of this. This is how it’s done.


Vernon Photographer 32 Vernon Photographer 34














Not a dry eye in the house.


Vernon Photographer 41


Those eyes! <3 We’re going to be seeing a lot of this special girl soon.


Over at the manshack, things were decidedly more laid back.



Vernon Photographer 42 Vernon Photographer 44 Vernon Photographer 47























Shotgunning a beer, then it’s shave time!


Vernon Photographer 51


Over at the girl’s hotel room, the bed was getting checked for lumps and straightened out.


Vernon Photographer 61


The guys did the same.


Vernon Photographer 85


Although this was a later ceremony (thank goodness!) time was running out. The last hour is always a bit more intense.


Vernon Photographer 67 Vernon Photographer 71 Vernon Photographer 72


This girl was very excited to see her mom get married. Throughout the entire day, she was a total angel.


Vernon Photographer 73


There was a lot of love and hugging going around this hotel room. I felt it. Time to see what the guys are up to!


Vernon Photographer 76


Things were getting pretty awesome. All the guys had loud, friendly personalities and it took no time to get the party started.


Vernon Photographer 79


All of these flowers are made out of paper. This is gorgeous. More on the flowers later. If you can’t wait, check out https://www.facebook.com/mosaicparty. Really amazing work.


Vernon Photographer 80 Vernon Photographer 82


We could only assume the groomsmen’s attire met Dan’s stringent standards.


Vernon Photographer 84



Normally I’d just breeze through as dry humour but holy moly. Did I ever double over laughing after taking this image. Photos like this is why I am a full time wedding photographer.


Vernon Photographer 91


Things were equally jovial on the lady’s side. Wine was being drunk, and a very special young girl saw her mom putting a very special dress on.


Vernon Photographer 95


This dress was, of course, stunning.


Vernon Photographer 99 Vernon Photographer 102


Tara had some people very happy to be there.


Vernon Photographer 104


It’s getting so close to ceremony time!


Vernon Photographer 116

Vernon Photographer 125

The ceremony went way too quickly. There were hand written vows. We learned DJ Haymaker would be making an appearance soon. If you’ve never been to a DJ Haymaker wedding, it’s that time. They’re always a blast! More on that in a bit.

Vernon Photographer 127 Vernon Photographer 134


Before we knew it, it was all over. Here’s that group shot you’re looking for. We all know why you’re here.


Vernon Photographer 169


Everyone was pretty awesome. A few folks had to stand on their tippy-toes, but we made it happen. Those of you who are extra observant will notice my second on the right. We really did get everyone in this shot! A few more group shots were necessary. I believe it’s important to get the family shoots out of the way first. Somehow the family seems to wander off.


Vernon Photographer 173 Vernon Photographer 178 Vernon Photographer 176


And even a photo with all the kids!


Vernon Photographer 178


I’m sure you’re starting to find out now why this is one of my favorite places to shoot.


Time for a bouquet line and some group shots!


Vernon Photographer 183


I have to pump up a local business here. Excuse me if I sound gushy. See those flowers? They’re all put together by hand. If you scroll up, you can see the bridal arch too. Really, really stunning work by an extremely talented and just gosh-darn nice lady. Check out her business here and shoot her a like!


Vernon Photographer 185


Vernon Photographer 187


Vernon Photographer 189


Vernon Photographer 192


Vernon Photographer 194


Vernon Photographer 197


Vernon Photographer 198


Vernon Photographer 207


See that beautiful light falloff? One of the many reasons this venue is one of my favorites.


Now it’s my favorite time – Tara and Dan time. Although we were losing sun quickly, as experienced wedding photographers we knew exactly what to do. It really helped I have experience shooting them both. Another added bonus is that this couple looks great from any angle!


Vernon Photographer 214


A quick cigar before we jump into action. I’ve had two weddings where the bride and groom have done this and I like it. I’m going to do it at my wedding too. I fully expect my wedding to be full of so many traditions I’ve fallen in love with, the real challenge will be fitting it all in!


Vernon Photographer 212


The images coming from my camera were indescribably beautiful.

The way she looks at him. <3


Vernon Photographer 221 Vernon Photographer 218 Vernon Photographer 216


We found a quaint little cabin. I like the texture – earthy and organic.


Vernon Photographer 223 Vernon Photographer 224



I’ve always found it interesting how the shoot gets influenced by the couple. It could have been a different couple, and these photos would have looked completely different. There’s a lot of variables. Some we see, some we don’t. It’s what keeps this excited, even after ten years.


Vernon Photographer 232


Vernon Photographer 227


Vernon Photographer 225


It was amazing. We went down to the lake.


Vernon Photographer 237 Vernon Photographer 239


A few more photos, then it’s time to go inside.


Vernon Photographer 243


One very nervous best man was doing his best to finishing writing a speech. I’m not entirely sure – I think it was three pages at this point.


Vernon Photographer 246


Vernon Photographer 253 Vernon Photographer 250



Everyone was signing away. All the vendors on this wedding were amazing. It had this rustic feel to it, like a country wedding.


All the guests were having a ton of fun. I really got in there, to interact with the guests. They were a ton of fun. Before long, I found myself friends with everyone in the room. There were a lot of really cool moments I captured between the guests.


Vernon Photographer 255 Vernon Photographer 256


Some guests were more popular than others.


The wood board and the tree were getting filled up!


Vernon Photographer 258


Vernon Photographer 261 Vernon Photographer 268 Vernon Photographer 262


As I said, there were a lot of really special moments.


Vernon Photographer 271


Melts my heart. <3


The cove reception photographer Kelowna


Not everyone was into it, but that just made for a better photo!


Vernon Photographer 283


These two – you’ll be seeing more of them.


Vernon Photographer 284 Vernon Photographer 288


See that guy on the right down there? He’s the best man, and he’s very nervous. I’m not sure why. His speech was better than good. I think Dan means a lot to him, and he was worried he wouldn’t quite get that across. He did. <3


Vernon Photographer 289 Vernon Photographer 292


I took this chance to take a few family photos. I think they turned out quite well.


Vernon Photographer 293


Although this girl below doesn’t like pictures taken of her, she was awesome the whole day. She had some great photo ideas AND she was shooting with a DSLR not 3 hours after I recommended it!

As a side note, if you are at a wedding with an SLR, feel free to hang around and take photos with me. I teach classes, and I love my students. Come say hi!


Vernon Photographer 295


Vernon Photographer 299



Everyone had fun at this wedding. I LOVE kids at a wedding – their little outfits are so cute! Also, can someone buy this for their toddler, so I can photograph it? Thank you.

DJ Haymaker was just getting revved up!


Vernon Photographer 300


Vernon Photographer 302


As a side note, I thought it’d be more fun to simply post this without context, but I decided against it. DJ Haymaker is known for his over-the-top games. Everyone has a blast at the reception. The hats were an awesome touch.


Vernon Photographer 320Vernon Photographer 321Vernon Photographer 333


Remember, click these pictures to save and share. I’m sure they’ll be a hit.


Vernon Photographer 336 Vernon Photographer 352 Vernon Photographer 347 Vernon Photographer 346 Vernon Photographer 344


The looks on the kids faces were priceless. I don’t think they’ve ever seen grown ups being that immature!


Vernon Photographer 356


Before we knew it, it was time for the first dance.


Vernon Photographer 363


I set up my remote lights. This girl seemed to think I did a pretty good job.


Vernon Photographer 364 Vernon Photographer 368 Vernon Photographer 366 Vernon Photographer 365


I love a well lit first dance.


Vernon Photographer 372


Even when the flash is on low power. It was perfect.


Vernon Photographer 391


Everyone was getting into it. You could really feel the love.


Vernon Photographer 394


Some more than others.


Vernon Photographer 395 Vernon Photographer 401


One of my favorite parts of any wedding. It really brings out the romantics. This was an especially romantic group.


Vernon Photographer 406


The kids amused themselves with toys scattered around.


Then, time for the bouquet toss!


Vernon Photographer 411Vernon Photographer 412Vernon Photographer 413


Always a great opportunity for some action shots.


It was really cute, because Dan and Tara still danced with each other after the first dance. Although they devoted a lot of their time and attention to the wedding guests, it was apparent their real focus was each other. I’d look over and see them both making eyes at each other, or dancing slowly.



Vernon Photographer 434Vernon Photographer 429


I’m going to leave you with adorable photo. I’m not quite sure how she found this hat. It was between 25º and 32º the whole time. But she found it, and she wore it!


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Vernon Photographer 435