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We decided to head out a little bit earlier. All of my engagement shoots are known for being a little different, and a little long. This one was no different, in the respect that it was very different. We went to BX Falls to start out.



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It was a gorgeous day, and BX creek is always very pretty.



And freezing cold! We had to bundle up a lot, but the sun was coming in strong.




There’s something I’ve always loved about forests. There aren’t too many people there, there’s lot of space for everyone. In the winter, not many people go for a jaunt out there. Especially not for engagement shots. I find this incredibly confusing. The photos you can get are priceless! They’re a little crazy.


largeIMG_6183 largeIMG_6202


We went to Turtle Mountain to get some photos before the sun came down. That’s a mountain that overlooks Vernon, You guys might remember my fog photos from that very same mountain in the evening. Well, it’s just as stunning in the daytime! The Okanagan is full of places like this for a fun wedding photographer like myself.



You can feel the love. I’m photographing this couple’s wedding too. They were so cute, I’m really just counting down the days until their wedding. As an Okanagan wedding photographer, I get to see all the fun parts and I don’t have to do any of the complicated planning. Life is good!


The sun was coming down fast. At this point, we just let them do their thing and I took a few photos. I might have gone a bit hard with my artistic license, but when you’ve got so many ideas is really hard not to!


I didn’t tell them we were halfway through their session. I’m known for my famous six hour engagement shoots. The more we get into it, the better the photos get! So we just go to town!

largeIMG_6326 largeIMG_6389 largeIMG_6377 largeIMG_6373 largeIMG_6372 largeIMG_6370 largeIMG_6367 largeIMG_6349 largeIMG_6327


At this point, it was time for a little break. We got some lunch, and grabbed a bottle of wine. We headed to image studios to sit back and relax for a bit, and get a change of clothes on. The sun was coming down quickly, and all that was left at this point was to have some fun…with sparklers!

largeIMG_6524 largeIMG_6520


We started out slow, to get a feel for these. I’ve used sparklers before, but in the common Draht Photography way, we were going to ramp it up a notch!





largeIMG_6616 largeIMG_6615


Thanks for reading this far! If you’d like to book your own engagement shoot (don’t worry, married couples book them too!) click the contact me on the left. We got a lot of stunning images today. Have an awesome day!