Okanagan Turtle Mountain is amazing, you should go there if you haven’t been there. Finished off this amazing engagement shoot! This was one I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. The way the sun came through the trees was simply ethereal. Even now, as I sip my coffee, I remember how much fun that shoot was, and how amazingly lucky I am to be a photographer in the Okanagan. It’s not surprising we have so many destination weddings here. I think we live in the prettiest place in Canada. Prince Edward Island is pretty amazing too, and there’s some great places in Tofino, but as far as variety goes, nothing beats British Columbia.

Engagement Session 'feb
Engagement Session ‘feb

The trouble with Tofino can be that they don’t allow any reputable businesses there, so the locals can charge you whatever they want. Think of a theatre. Instead of a coffee being 2$, it’s now 5$. I spent 12$ on a hotdog. I would love for there to be a Buy Low Foods or a Coopers there. I find that they’re less likely to gouge you because they know you’re a tourist. There’s a lot more integrity there. Chatting with some other tourists, it makes sense to stop by a nice, organic, family owned corner store while in Vancouver, and stock up on food for the weekend.

This week I found out my good friend Darren Bezanson started up his bistro at a golf club! It’s called Fairways Bistro and Catering. If you’ve ever known Darren, you’d know nothing comes out of his kitchen but then best. I’d recommend checking out his website, and considering him if you’re visiting the Okanagan any time soon. Plus who doesn’t love a good game of golf?


Until next time, folks! I’ve got a busy few weeks coming up. Giving photography lessons and preparing for my destination wedding. My poor camera won’t get a break this week!


Plus there’s a chance to play a few rounds of golf at the Royal York Golf Course in Armstrong, BC. 😉