I had the pleasure of photographing Tia and Mike’s baby shower on Sunday. This kid was a little bundle of joy! Although I generally leave the baby photography to Fiona at Image Studios, I couldn’t resist getting a few photos in! Double thanks to Fiona. We normally have our photography lessons on Sundays, but Fiona graciously offered to teach them for me. It’s nice having a two person business!

IMG_5507 IMG_5505


Little Murphy was an angel! We made sure we got some photos of his big, blue eyes. Check out those catchlights! Fantastic! I sometimes worry about my catchlights, which is why I own a ring light. It gives you the perfect catch lights in almost any situation. Plus it lights the face in a nice, uniform manner from the perspective of the lens. I haven’t decided yet if I like the ring light on a wide angle lens, or on a zoom lens. Zoom lenses are cool because they’re portrait length – you don’t have to worry about the lens distortion. This is an important thing when it comes to photography. Wide angle shots are cool too, though, because the ring light looks HUGE!

IMG_5460 IMG_5445

After, we went to a park nearby to take some pictures. The great thing about being an Okanagan photographer is that there’s great places to take photos. Although I enjoy a destination wedding or photo shoot in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta, it’s easy to be a BC Photographer because there’s an abundance of beautiful places to point my lens. We have our rolling mountains, foggy hills, Silver Star Mountain, West Kelowna, highways, and everything. I’m sure it gets to be a little bit crazy! It sounds like it! But that’s why I can plan each shoot to be individual and unique. Because I’ve got so many options to play with.


This was a really great day. After the shoot, I took off to the performing arts centre. There’s a few hockey skaters that need their photos taken, and I’m more than up for the challenge!!!