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The 1955 Banff Wedding Sampler

March 6, 2021 / Wedding

Our morning begins quite early - it was an exciting morning, and a full afternoon. We had a noontime ceremony, a first look, two dresses, and a rather large venue to be transversed and or...


The -18 Jasper Wedding Sampler

February 15, 2021 / Sampler

Our day begins in Jasper. As you can imagine, the weddings have become a little smaller, and more adventurous. This has changed the dynamic, however there are upsides. I have more time wi...


The Autumn Wedding at Emerald Lake Lodge Sampler

October 12, 2020 / Wedding

I've travelled to Banff, but I've never been to Emerald Lake Lodge. The lovely Sue Carnie recommended me to this adventurous couple, and thus began my trek to the Kootenays. ...


The Windy Kamloops Wedding Sampler

September 26, 2020 / Wedding

We are fast approaching October. We have longer sunsets, cooler weather, and there's a bit of wind and rain, all of which we experienced today. Our day begins in the afternoon, around...


The Purple Belgo Wedding Sampler

September 20, 2020 / Photography

September is one of my favourite months to photograph. It's a little cooler, and it's apple picking season. That's a big deal for Kelowna, where we have apple orchards all along B...


The Tall Grass Wedding at Predator Ridge Sampler

August 24, 2020 / Wedding

This is probably fairly different from what you're used to. We changed up the timeline, and the sunset sneak-away was the longest photo session of the day. It was beautiful and, as you co...


The Leafy Green Wedding at ShyLynn Ranch Sampler

August 15, 2020 / Wedding

Today, this sampler is about a wedding that takes place in Salmon Arm, in a beautiful place called ShyLynn Ranch. This whole area, in the backwoods of the Okanagan, is one of the most inc...


The Late-Afternoon Wedding at Belgo Chapel Sampler

August 9, 2020 / Wedding

A fresh rain made for a cool morning in Kelowna. This wedding was all sorts of beautiful, with the clouds darting back and forth in front of the sun. We begin in the late afternoon (h...


The Farm Fresh Cherryville Wedding Sampler

August 2, 2020 / Wedding

This is about a small, socially distanced wedding in Cherryville, BC. It was a remote wedding, out on a small and charming farm. The road isn't one that will appear in your GPS. ...


The Daisy Wedding in Coldstream Sampler

July 20, 2020 / Sampler

It was hard picking a banner image - a "hero" image, but I narrowed it down to the two you've seen above. You probably have already figured out why it was so hard to pick. ...