Not long ago, I photographed this fella’s engagement. He asked her to marry him at the Rise Golf course, this beautiful golf course right above the city in Vernon, BC. This is about the day the two of them married. Because she said yes.

At 11am, on Feb 19th, it had just begun to snow in Canmore. The snow made it a bit difficult to see, but fortunately, we always begin inside – with rings, dresses, getting ready. We set the stage.

Over at the guy’s house, we had to hurry. For a winter wedding, we have sunset at 4pm, which means a bit less time for photos. Despite the slight press for time, the three pieces suits looked better than they ever had.

Special thanks to this fella lending us his house, then helping us with the mirror!

And just like that, he was ready to be married!

Over at the girls’ house, it was a bustle of activity. Makeup had just finished, and so it was time to put on the dress. Her brother chose to spend a minute outside, presumable to get some fresh air.

And then, before we knew it, she was ready and we found ourselves at the Alpine Ski Centre.

It was a beautiful day, and a gorgeous setup. We had our ceremony outside, and managed to sit down even before the snow made our seats wet. A bit of snow makes for a beautiful ceremony, and this ceremony was absolutely stunning. The forest, the views, and every guest made it such a memorable experience.

And then, my favourite time. We were lucky today – just a bit of snow. Sure, it obscured the mountains a bit, but it added a bit of magic to an already magical day. The lakes had frozen over, giving us the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of photos.

Up in the mountains, it was about -8 with wind chill, so maybe it was time for some coats and backpacks!

And some candid fun not-so-posed photos that are just what I love.

A benefit to a frozen over lake, if you don’t mind all the wind, is the fact you can see the mountains. At all the lookouts, nearly all the lookouts, the trees will block the mountains. You have to be fairly careful and try to find a hill. On the lake, which is frozen in february sometimes, and january sometimes, but who knows really, you can see the landscape in a way that isn’t really possible. And you can’t plan for it, it just has to happen.

We wanted some indoor pictures, and we know the Fairmont in Banff is an old-timey castle from the late 1800’s. It’s one of those places where I could take photos all day, and indeed I have! Today, though, there were just a few places in mind.

It’s always incredible to me how quickly a wedding day goes by. This one was no exception. We photographed straight past sunset, driving around and running the best best locations I knew of. That’s probably why this is such a big sampler – 80 photos! Can you believe, ten years ago, I delivered wedding albums that were 80 photos. And couples were stoked – you can fill a whole album with 80 photos.

Graciously, I had been invited to one of the most incredible dinners I’ve ever had. There was so much love in the room, and I captured some incredible candids. The photos aren’t exactly sharp, but I hope it captured the mood – a roomful of loving people, so happy for our newlyweds, and having the time of their lives.

And this is where I’ll have to end this sampler. It goes by quickly, doesn’t it? Well, the day did too! It’s hard to put these out. How do I choose just 20 photos? Well, good news for you is that I didn’t. But we do have a full gallery in a few weeks. You can pre-register to see it by clicking here. You can download, order, and print whatever you like. For now, if you’d like to save anything from this gallery, simply right click it or long press it on mobile, and you’ll be able to save it!

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Thanks you for coming on this adventure with me! See you in a few weeks!