At Sun Peaks, in Kamloops, we had a wedding. It was quite the day. There’s this golf course, and because the mountain is so high, it enveloped the trees in this thick fog. Lucky for us, no one seemed to want to golf in the rain. So we had full run.

However, I get ahead of myself.

We begin with the detail shots today, although those were taken a little bit later! The flowers, the ring, and a very special dress photo.

In the AirBNB, the maid-of-honour (and also mother!) was helping our bride with her dress. We had a first look to plan, in a beautiful hotel.

We had approval all the way from England (Hello England!), and now, the first look. Sun Peaks is absolutely massive, with marble floors, rugs, and old beams stretching from one side of the lobby to the next. I found a place where the light was coming from one direction, because no one like flat or overhead light, and took a few steps back.

If you look carefully, you can see how nervous they both are. This, of course, makes the photos even better.

It was absolutely beautiful.

We went down the huge staircase to take a few more photos. I wanted to keep them here anyway, I didn’t want guests seeing them too early. Fortunately, this actually wasn’t an issue. But more on that in a bit.

And over in the Residence, the ceremony had begun.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Hand written vows, in this small and personal group. Sue Cairnie did an incredible job officiating, it was just beautiful.

After the kiss, we made our way to the bridge. It’s this lovely little bridge, with plants everywhere, that connects the golf course with the rest of the resort.

If you’re just coming by to visit, it’s something you must see! The narrow windows on either side provide two strips of light, which is fairly unique lighting. And, as you can probably see, it’s a covered bridge, so no problem in the rain. All the flowers along the outside really complete the look.

We popped on some running shoes, and we ran into the mountains.

Sun Peaks is fairly high up in the mountains, and because of that, we can see the clouds as they obscure the top. If you look carefully, you can see the trees fade as the fog overtakes them.

There’s an old photographic rule – LMN. It stands for Light, Motion, Narrative. I love when the photos tells a story, and when there’s some motion involved, all the better.

You can see how green that grass was. It was raining a bit, but it just made everything look greener and more beautiful. We made our way into the forest, there were some leafy trees and I wanted a fall look. After all, it’s in the middle of September, which is basically Canadian fall.

Back at the cabin, we immediately crowded around the fire to warm up. Food was being prepared, and appies shared around. The decorations were just beautiful, and it really embodied what this wedding is – a cozy, log cabin, mountaintop wedding.

The whole evening was so beautiful. There was a few more tears, and a lot more laughs. Some stories about trips, and a slow first dance in the candlelight.

Unfortunately, this is where I’ll have to leave you. It was a beautiful evening, after a very jam-packed day. You’ll have to wait at least two weeks, maybe three, for the full album.

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