Canmore is a incredible place to get married – because there’s about a thousand beautiful spots for photos! Our couple picked a fall date, and the leaves had just started to turn. The cool evening temperatures made for a comfortable, intimate wedding.

There’s a lot of spots here that were scouted out the day before. If you’re wondering about any of them, shoot me a message and I’ll let you know where it was. Every time I go to Canmore, I always spend an evening scouting out spots, so the photos are always taken in different places. That keeps the albums unique!

We start out with the detail shots – the rings, the dress, the flowers. I had scouted a meadow that very morning, and it was the perfect spot for a first look.

That technique is called prisiming. You hold a prism above the lens to curve the light.

Back at the AirBNB, the flowers, and very soon our groom, were ready for photos.

We had a relaxed timeline – our ceremony was at four. Although the location was about a 45 minute drive away, that still gave us plenty of time.

And then, our groom was all ready for his first look.

Downstairs, our bridesmaids were helping out, to make sure our bride was on time.

Soon, she was ready for the first look as well.

It couldn’t have been more picturesque. She walked right up to him, and tapped him on the shoulder right away.

I should mention too, I had an amazing second shooter. Thanks Alicia!

The ceremony was perfect. The rule of thumb when it comes to photography – stay away from that overhead sun! As far away as possible. This ceremony, much to my delight, was at 4pm. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking – the mountains, the pond. It was just spellbinding.

The hand-written vows were beautiful, and everyone teared up.

After a few family photos, it was my favourite time – formals!

I had scouted out a few spots the day before. I wanted some beautiful colours, and some spectacular views.

The bridal party photos took place in this huge grove of white elm trees. It’s not something you see very often, but it does happen in Canmore!

This next shot was absolutely essential, I’m told.

You’re very welcome Alicia! Just long press to save that to your phone.

The rest of the evening (until dinner!) was spent driving from place to place, and checking off Canmore bucket lists that I have. This was a difficult gallery to make – although it’s just a sneak peek, it’s 50 images! I have to pass over a lot of photos that I really, really like.

That’s the thing about sneak peeks, though. They’re the day after the wedding, just so we can see just a few of the images. I actually love putting them together, because honestly it’s hard to fall asleep after all the exitement!

So this is where I’ll leave you! They’ll be a much larger album in a few weeks, but for now, you can save any one of these photos and repost them as you’d like. Just long-click on an iphone, or right-click on your computer, and you should be able to save anything you like.

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And thank you for reading this far! These sampler take a lot of time to put together, so I’m so glad you enjoyed it! We’ll talk soon!

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