Our wedding sampler for today takes place in Canmore, Alberta on a windy fall day on October 16th. We had tried to video the ceremony, the loud waves and incredible wind made for a lot of background noise. That being said though, it led to some unforgettable photos. Some very dramatic, new style of photos.

Our day begins as the sun rises. For fall weddings, because of the early sunset, you need to plan your day to begin a bit sooner. Everything was ready for me right away. Rings, dress, and flowers, which helps me get a speedy start to the day.

The rings found me, in the form of a little dachshund peaking through the grass.

And the dress…the dress was completely incredible. As the clouds were covering the sun, I went for a bit of a simpler composition. I’ve never taken a dress shot quite like this.

Over at the guys, our groom was getting ready for our noontime ceremony, in his snazzy custom suit.

Upstairs, our bride was doing the same.

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Lake Minnewanka. The waves were high, making for dramatic compositions – just my jam! And oh my goodness, did these two look stunning!

I was especially thrilled with the spotted light!

You can see what I was talking about. The shadows were so dark, and the sun was so bright. It made for such a contrasty, dramatic image. This is certainly something you don’t expect to see in the middle of the day!

And something else you might expect to see, is this party of a bridal party! As you can see, we fought a battle with the wind, but the bright sun kept us warm!

And these boys!

All together we made a pretty great crew. There were a LOT of bridal party photos. These are some of my favourites. The tall grass, sun, and mountains make for some pretty incredible compositions!

And of course, my favourite. A bit of time with this bride and groom. If you know them, you know they’d like anything but ordinary, and I’m happy to acquiesce. Even though, the wind had other ideas.

And so, we ran against the wind. I’m especially in love with that hair. It’s just wild.

That last shot has a story. I had noticed a beam of sunlight coming through the skies, we we stopped right there. There’s an actual spotlight from the sun.

And speaking of spotlights, we weren’t even near finished. We trundled into the woods for some even more artsy photos!

We aren’t even close to done, I had scouted a few places the day before. This one really stood out to me – it’s across a road. Which is the downside….

But the view is incredible, when cars aren’t driving by.

And this took my breath away.

Unfortunately, this is where I’ll have to leave you. Can you believe the size of this sneak peek? It’s over 50 images! Of course, if you’d like to be put on the list to see the photos once they’re done, you’ll find the pre-registration link here.

If you’d like to save any of these images, just right click them on the computer, or long-click them on your mobile device! It should be savable and shareable from there.

Lastly, thank you for reading this far! These sneak peeks take me quite a while to put together, so you can imagine how glad I am that you’ve enjoyed this one! If you’d like to follow my work, follow me on instagram, tumblr, or facebook!