What a week it’s been! Wedding on Saturday, then our photo walk for the advanced photography class students on Sunday morning. We went to Ellison Park, and the photos turned out better than good.


We had a turn out of almost 50 photographers! I almost had my hands too busy to take any photos of my own! It was great to have so many willing subject though. We had a lot of kids running around, dogs, couples, you name it!

Right after, we had our kids photography lesson class. We bought some bubbles and taught them how to take action photos. Then through Polson Park,  to take some photos of the train tracks.

I think Polson Park is way nicer that lakeside park in Kelowna. They’ve got a really nice bird walk, but when you look at foliage and places to shoot, Polson park wins out every time. It’s one of the things that keeps on drawing me back to Vernon. Great parks, great beaches, and gorgeous weddings every weekend. It’s a photographers delight!

After the kids photography lessons class came the adult class. We chatted about how to pose children and talked about the photo walk. Now that everyone was out in the field taking photos, they had a lot more questions! Fiona and I were happy to answer them. Questions about the three- flash setup came up more than once. Our students are just the best!

Class wrapped up around 7:00pm, then it was time to go home. Long weekend. But now it’s time to edit wedding photos and make a teaser album!