Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting back. For you nerds, you’re going to see a lot of things you haven’t seen before. Like wide open shooting and some awesome light setups. For you brides…well, you’ll receive some excellent advice on how to pick your next photographer. Onward ho!

If you’d like to see the FULL album without my witty commentary, pop by the pixieset album.

We always start with our ring shots. Bonita gave a little sad face when she had to take off her ring. I assured her it wasn’t going far, but I still thought it was really cute. Jeremy, you know you’ve done a great job when your fiance doesn’t want to take off the ring. 😀
Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7019

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7022



And the dress was, of course, gorgeous. Simple and beautiful. I set up the scene as minimalist as I could to compliment the dress.

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7030


Both the girls and the guys were getting ready.

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7047


Our doting groom decided everyone need a shave. Everyone!

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7055 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7139 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7071


Lookin’ good boys. This is now a stubble-free zone!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7169


A group shot, and it’s time to get a few more photos of the bride!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7198 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7199


I got back to a party. These wild girls were shotgunning red bull!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7180


But then it was all business. Each bridesmaid’s dress was lovingly labelled. It’s time.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7301 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7315


Bonita was, of course, a vision. Her bright eyes made my camera happy, and she simply glowed.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7359


Kid has a sense of humour. And fantastic handwriting.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7416 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7423


The ceremony was beautiful and engaging. There was live music (I’m a sucker for live music) and our bride and groom were busy looking into each other’s eyes.

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7659 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7849


Yeah, I know you guys want to see the group shots. I have no idea why these are so popular. Enjoy, I guess.


We did shoulder behind shoulder, almost no gaps, and I arranged the hands personally.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_7995


Then we RAN OFF TO ELLISON PARK. One of my favorite parks in Vernon. I get asked a lot why I don’t move to Kelowna. Simple answer, we’ve got more places to shoot here in Vernon. Ellison is one of the most beautiful national parks IN THE WORLD, and we get it. All of it. Then we have the Enderby Drive in, all of Enderby, the Armstrong, and let’s not even talk about how many venues we’ve got here. Seriously, let’s not. I’ve only got so much time in this blog, and I’ve got to leave in 30 minutes to shoot another wedding.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8007


….These two. <3


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8041Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8166
Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8101 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8074 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8058Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8157Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8169


Ellison, of course, proved to be a beautiful place to shoot. I’m very careful about what locations I pick to shoot a particular couple. I got a very green, earthy vibe while talking to this couple, so of course I headed to the greenest place I could find. Bonita commented how this suits her, they love camping and I was fairly stoked inside. Outside, I was cool as a cucumber.

Time to hit the reception!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8183


Kids were running around (I LOVE KIDS)

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8398 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8399


And the bar was greeted with enough smiles to make me reconsider my backup career options.


Slideshow time!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8415 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8445


Of course, it was a hit. I thought that picture was really cute. <3


Bonita, of course, managed to cheer herself up with some wit.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8452 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8454


It was pretty funny. I can safely say I’ve never seen that one before. I wonder if that slide would do okay on pinterest?


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8560Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8599Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8622


First dance was of course dripping wet romantic. Even with the parents, it was perfect.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8630 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8733



Everyone wanted to get involved.

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8742


He’s getting ready to make his move….you can see those wheels turning in his head.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8743


There he goes! You did it! If you look carefully, you can see a boy floating in this image. Good job, kid! You’re going to outfloat the best of us!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8747


And just like that, the dance floor exploded.


I heard at around that point, the photo booth guy cancelled, so I resolved to get shots of every guest. But that’s not challenging enough. I wanted to get shots WIDE OPEN at F/1.2.

A few other photographers have asked me why I’d risk shooting wide open. It’s a ton of work, and not much payoff.

My thoughts are, a bride deserves and pays for the best. If you’re making the bride a cake, and you decided to use 10 eggs instead of 15, you might think the bride might not notice the difference, but she will. Even if she doesn’t, she’s asking you to do the best job possible. And that’s exactly what you should deliver. One compromise can lead to two, which can lead to lower quality overall. Don’t ever make even one compromise. If it’s five hours of more post processing work to shoot wide open, and it will give you 2% better images, do it. Absolutely do it. That’s the difference between a photographer who loves his work, and a photographer who just works.


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8897 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8916 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8907


And it does pay off. When I’m looking for a photographer, I always want to see how he does during the toughest scenes. Normally, that is the dancing and the flower toss. Fast action, not much light. Not a photographer’s friend.

Speaking of the bouquet toss….

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8978Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8982Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_8995


We have a winner! Now for the garter toss!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_9019 Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_9030


We have a winner, but I don’t think he feels like a winner. Wait a couple years, bud!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_9042


One of the groomsmen tracked me down and wanted a photo with me. That was  so cool! Generally, guys don’t want photos with anyone at parties, let alone the photographer. Bam! Huge smile!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_9043


And this is why you shoot wide open. Lovely skin tones, easy on the eyes bokeh. And there’s even bokeh balls! Cool!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_9048


You’ll have to see the full album, but there were a lot of moments that brought a tear to my eye. Everyone was having a really fun time. This was a truly special day.

Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_9072


But just like that, way too soon, it was over. All over. I whisked a tear from my eye, took the final shots, and got into my car. There’s more weddings to do!


Vernon Photographer LARGEDRA_9084


Thanks for reading this far! I hope you enjoyed this wedding! If you’d like to see more, consider liking my page on facebook, adding me on google plus. or giving me some love on instagram! Or heck, send out an inquiry! See you in three days!