Have you met Peter Downie before? He’s styled hair for 26 years.


Check out his instagram for a few more photos. This was a two day endeavour. We took the before photos on Tuesday morning, by Wednesday at two I got the message he was into the studio.

For the nerds, that’s a yungnuo 560  in the background we used for a hair light.

Photos went well. We had to do before and after photos, and let’s just say they were two days apart. Because they were.

Peter Downie

A lot of work and love went into these photos. Plumping, taking, retaking. Changing the light. It wasn’t uncommon for us to spend half an hour just getting one specific photo right. And it paid off.

Peter Downie

Here we are blocking out the natural light for an entirely artificial setup. I wanted a good mix of harsh and soft light. The wrapping light coming around the back was essential as well.

We like the way the robin blue worked the auburn highlights.

Then we put the image in black and white. But don’t worry! We’ve got some fantastic before and after photos on Peter’s instagram. Go check it out now!