Well, I’ve been working like a madman ever since I got back from Vegas. Sure, the wedding was amazing. It was fun and I made a lot of new friends who are nothing short of awesome. Plus I got to photograph in a lot of places including the Neon Boneyard and in front of the Bellagio while those fountains were going. Pretty amazing.

The revel is tomorrow. There’s a few months this year where I’m booked every weekend. So, in addition to teaching the classes, I’ve got to go through all the photos and edit them in a week so I’m prepared for the next wedding.

The typical photographer will get 1,500 shots per a wedding, but I tend to get more like 4,000. That’s a lot of photos to go through. The blurry ones needs to be thrown out (Yes, even with our amazing cameras these days, our focussing systems aren’t perfect), the sharp ones need to be color corrected. Distracting elements need to be removed. Leading lines need to be considered. In some rare cases, flare needs to be taken away. Contrast, hue, and saturation need to be perfect. It is a wedding, after all.

Vernon Wedding Photographer
A kiss in an open air bus


So what am I up to now? I’ve got a few hundred photos to go through still. The boneyard, the baby in the wedding dress. And isn’t she cute? Then we’re putting together a slide show. and doing a play by play. It’s the raw amount of photos that is making culling them so difficult. But that’s also the beautify.

My favorite is when I’m done a wedding, get to give them their special engraved “Draht Photography” memories box. Then the next day, I wake up extra early and put freshly charged batteries into my camera. Because it’s time for a new adventure. <3