What a week!

Finished off and said farewell to the Paddlewheel park wedding. That was an amazing wedding, and still close to my heart. This one, though, was a ton of fun. Never mind me wanting to jump from the top deck into the water and swim around. Expensive equipment, Eric. You already go through enough!

Okanagan Lake Wedding Okanagan Lake Wedding

So, just to be clear here, this is a preview sampler. I take a little break from my editing photos day in and day out, then post a few of my favorites. It was tough to pick. It was way too easy to take beautiful photos of this young couple on a yacht, on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

I can imagine we’ve got some very jealous Alberta and Manitoba photographers right now. Come to Kelowna and second shoot for me. You’ll want to move here.

Okanagan Lake Wedding Okanagan Lake Wedding Okanagan Lake Wedding

Our blushing bride, Holly, was absolutely perfect. Smiling and giggling the whole time. The dress was fairly unique as well. I won’t give it away, but lets just say there’s a little bit of history behind this unique gown. And it shows.

Okanagan Lake Wedding

We did our formals pre-wedding at Waterfront Park. A good variety of trees, and different sorts of shade anywhere you look. You’ll want to check back soon. You don’t want to miss these awesome shots!

Okanagan Lake Wedding

I just love a nice long veil. Really makes the image.

Okanagan Lake Wedding

This is what fun looks like. What an awesome group of people. I don’t think there’s a single guest I didn’t have a really great chat with. 😀

Okanagan Lake Wedding

I really couldn’t complete my post without mentioning this little ninja. Her name is Emily, and it’s actually not my first wedding with her. Last year, at Lauren and Blake’s wedding, she came up to me and asked me to dance. I sure did, because you can’t say no to this face.

Imagine my excitement when I saw here again on Saturday! She followed me around and gave me water all day for some reason. Also gave me some VERY important feedback as to what she believed would look good in photos. Obviously, this is  a budding second shooter in the works.

Thanks so much for reading this far! It’s back to editing these photos for me, but why don’t you check out my instagram or twitter? I’ll be posting updates over the next few days.

Also, stay tuned for the final album! I’ll be posting a link to it in about three days (Lord willing!) Talk to you then!