Took an extra day. I don’t mind it. In my mind, a Bride and Groom expect only the best on their wedding day. The best food, the best venue, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t bring the Grey Goose out. Wedding photos are the same – they need to be painstakingly culled, edited, cropped, color corrected, and arranged until they are just perfect. I have no trouble spending an extra half day editing and putting finishing touches on these photos. Plus, if you scroll down, you’re about to see why.


Kelowna Wedding Dress Kelowna Wedding Dress

Kelowna Wedding RIng

You’ll notice a little less light on the wedding dress. This is intentional. See, this dress was worn by our beautiful bride’s mother. Retailored, of course, but still classic. I photographed this in the classic 1980’s style – low light, high detail.



All the girls are getting ready, but don’t forget the cowboy boots!



With the help of a mother and a mother-in-law, the men are a well oiled machine. Putting things together, slave to the clock. All the good stuff.


Time for a first look! Holly is looking stunning as ever. The dress fits like a dream.

Kelowna First Look

A little bit of tension fills the room…..

Kelowna First look

Waiting for Dad…..

largeDRA_0221 largeDRA_0232

Dad loves it! A few tears were shed from this manly fellow.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding
largeDRA_0256 largeDRA_0254



largeDRA_0268 The pearl necklace went on, and we had to make a few last minute make up adjustments.

largeDRA_0301 largeDRA_0298

I’ve always been a fan of strip lights. Here, you can see I closed the curtains to get that flexible straight plane. The 4th rule of depth we don’t talk about often.

Next we head to the park for a few formals!

We had to keep our bride and groom separated. We had a few close calls, as we were both heading to the same boat, but we ended up keeping them separate!

Kelowna Park Wedding

Holly was a vision. I sometimes get accused of cherry picking my brides. I don’t, for the record. I could see why people would think that. I just end up with the best looking brides, I guess.

Kelowna Cowboy Boots Wedding

Can’t forget the cowboy boots!

Fun Fact: This is Kelowna Lakeside Park. There was a homeless guy sleeping like fifteen feet to the left. This didn’t bug us much, as he slept through all the photos and didn’t try to join in. I just don’t have time for the amount of photoshop I’d need to make him look presentable.




largeDRA_0448 largeDRA_0455

And even the flower girl got involved!


A group shot, then one last look into the endless lake before we go on our grand adventure!

Kalamalka Lake

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Tensions were high, and all cameras and cell phones were out. The boat was already decorated, as the reception was taking place on the boat as well.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding


Kelowna Yacht Wedding Photo

The boys looked ready, dashing, dapper. I especially liked the groom’s tie.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Look alive, boys. We’re on the lake now.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Her father never left her side. Not since he saw the dress. It was beautiful.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

The ceremony went well. It was quick, with a few twists. I loved it. There was a cool freshwater breeze coming off the lake. Exactly what this 28º day needed.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Everyone was beaming.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Hugs were being passed around, all around.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

I gave the bride and groom a few extra minutes to enjoy themselves…..

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Then recruited them for family photos! As the photographer, photos are highest priority in my books. I’m always trying to get more photos out of everyone. It’s just what I do.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Everyone was really good natured, though, and acquiesced to my wildest demands.


Kelowna Yacht Wedding

The colors were coming in just right…..

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

First dance time!

largeDRA_1276 largeDRA_1219

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.



Everyone seemed to have ants in their pants, and the boat dancing party began!

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Here we see a girl named Emily, floating about six inches into the air. Way to go emily!

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Party got a little wild, but not too wild.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Everyone still hugged, and all the kids loved getting their photos taken.

Being a wedding photographer, I think it’s important to get photos of every guest. There’s all these moments that happen at a wedding – and the bride doesn’t see them. She’s busy having fun! That’s why I’m here. Not only to take photos of the bride and groom, but every loved one, family member, and guest.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Whether they like it or not. ;-D

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

But most of them play along, all of them end up loving it. Plus they all get a link to the finished photos, so it’s win-win.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Before we knew it, the evening waned.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

Emily had switched herself from pop to water, so I knew we were winding to a close.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

As I said before, get every aspect of the wedding. On the galley, the girls were calmly watching the sun set, while their parents chatted and laughed upstairs.

Kelowna Yacht Wedding

And just like that, it was it. The day was over.

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