This would be my busy time. Just this week I had two weddings, an engagement, and an elopement! I like it – shooting makes me really happy, and editing photos while listening to podcasts isn’t a bad way to spend a 12 hour day. This allows me to strengthen my brand promise – Engagements, Elopements, and Family Shoots are ready in 48 hours or less, and weddings are never more than 14 days. Sampler posted the night of, of course. ;-D




The early morning caught me in the middle of this beautiful elopement in Kelowna, by Waterfront Park. Click here for the gallery.




It was simple, and oh-so-beautiful, just the way I expect an elopement to be. The sun kept coming out and then darting behind the clouds. This led to some pretty interesting lighting situations.




The photos were heartfelt and emotional. So often, I feel I’m given too much credit for the feel of the photos. It’s the brides and grooms that bring it in. The bare themselves, and I’m simply nearby.

Then I edit for six hours, because that night I shot an engagement!




If you’re wondering if this guy will be shooting the wedding as well, the answer is YES! Look forward to some amazing wedding photos in 14ish months. We’ve got it planned and it’s going to be incredible. Just like this engagement.




We spent almost an hour stringing up these balloon lights. Many people came back and forth asking what we’re doing. There was a ton of congratulations everywhere from people and their small off leash dogs. To see the full album, click here.






And there you have it. A day in the life of this photographer! If you’d like to follow me, give me a like on facebook, instagram, or twitter. Talk to you soon, and thank you for reading my blog!