It’s not secret that BX Creek and BX dog park is one of my favorite places in Vernon to photograph. It’s amazing all of the people who have lived here and haven’t heard of it! That’s the beauty of this little town. There’s so many beaches, parks, hikes and mountains that are just waiting to happen!

Two galleries are here and here.

Not to say Fiona and I haven’t been enjoying taking Santa photos too. This is a brand new year for us, and we’re nailing it! Image Studios spared no expense on the setup. Top of the line cameras, a 50mm f/1.2 for the portraits.  Even the printer used is a 5k printer that is unequaled anywhere else in Vernon.

And then there’s us.  I must say, though, I’ve become very good at posing and talking to the little ones.


Santa Photos at the Mall


You won’t find me there every day, though. I’m almost booked up for Christmas! And we’re getting some incredible shots. Check out this family shoot from Saturday! I had a ton of fun. The more family sessions I shoot, the more I want to shoot them!


Vernon Family Shoot Photographer


And the dog park is perfect for it. So many friendly dogs. Next up, a one year anniversary shoot.


Vernon Engagement Photographer


The sun was setting, which meant it was time to take out the flashes. I put on my wide-angle panel and went to work!


Beautiful Engagement Photos


Check out the whole gallery here! For some reason, I thought it was an engagement shoot, so I was confused at all the rings. I get sort of confused this time of year I suppose.


Engagement in the Woods


These two were wonderful to work with. I loved every second of it. I’ve been wanting to get this shot forever. I’ve got a thing for snowy trees in the blue evening. It didn’t let me down. It never does.


Vernon Engagement Shoot


And that’s all I’ve got for you now. Any comments, feel free to post them in my facebook. Feel free to follow my twitter, instagram, google plus,…or heck. Send out an inquiry so I can do your family photos! Talk to you soon!