Yesterday, the snow covered everything. Here in Vernon, it’s the first real snowfall we’ve had yet. Just in time for christmas. As I write this, it is still a stale -2. We’ve been blessed with autumn temperatures.


Vernon Photographer


You start to understand how rare a good snowfall is when you chase it. I’m always after those thick flakes that take forever to fall. They photograph well, because they’re easy to suspend. My off-camera lights max out at 1/200sec (until I get a prophoto b1…anyone?), so a slow falling snowfall is essential.


Kelowna Photographer


This was exactly what we got. Not something you see every day. I’m happy with the results.

If you’d like to peruse the gallery, click here. I’ve got to warn you, there’s some pretty adorable photos!

And of course, Santa photos are still going on at the Vernon village green mall. If you’ve taken a few, click that link to be brought right to them. There’s 8 days left to get them – we shut down at 1pm on New Year’s Eve. Which might not be a bad thing. I’m not opposed to lying on my couch and sipping my coffee while the snow falls.

Well, talk to you in a few days. Any comments, feel free to post them in my facebook. Feel free to follow my twitter, instagram, google plus, 50opx, tumbler, pinterest, linkedin, facebook, or blog.