We actually looked for cherry blossoms, but they haven’t bloomed yet. The spring of ’17 has been a late one. Winter has overstayed his welcome, but this photographer isn’t complaining.


And so we begin this sneak peak early.



So here’s the sampler – a preview of a few photos so you’ll know where to look in a few weeks once the album is done. As I write this, about 200 gigs of photos are downloading to my computer. I picked out a few that I really liked, and here they are.




When I arrived, Stephanie and Jessica were busy getting our bride and bridesmaids looking just perfect. They did a lovely job. This is a take of flower wreaths I can get behind.



This is Peter. He’s been the groomsman at a few weddings I’ve shot. Huge shout out to this guy. He’s always eager to help and does whatever he can to make my life easier. I’m beyond appreciative to this great guy. And who knows, maybe I’ll be shooting his wedding next year!




Back at our Bride’s house, Mom was putting the finishing touches on the bustle. Her face says everything. It was setting in. This is happening now. There was tension in the air.



A moment or two to fall in love with those white and green flowers, and it’s time to visit our venue. This time, it was a charming small family property just off Ellison Park.



Before we knew it, they were walking down the aisle. One of my favourite moments. The smiles are as genuine as they come.



After a long receiving line, it was time to whisk these two lovebirds away for Eric time, or formals as they’re called.



We got through our bridal party formals effortlessly. The old dirt paths and long grassy foliage provided us with the perfect backdrop.



On our way out, our groom was making calls. Using his connections to find blossoms. In under 10 minutes, we had access to two local orchards.



What followed was the best start to the 2017 season I could have possibly hoped for. A lovely couple walking through a field of blossoms. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

And so that’s where we’ll have to leave you for now. Keep in mind, this is just a sampler. It’s a few photos to let you know you’re in the right place. If you’d like to see the full album, you’ll have to wait two weeks! Feel free to fill out this form with your name, and the name of the bride and groom if you’d like an invite to the final gallery after we’ve finished the proofing.


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