There’s this beautiful little oasis tucked away in the corners of Kelowna. We call it Guisachan House. It’s a very, very old mansion, surrounded by tall trees, flowers, and arbours. There’s a lot for me to photograph there, and photograph we did – the whole day we went hard!

We start today at an Airbnb in Kelowna, with an incredible view of the city.

Over at Guisachan, flowers had arrived, and our award-winning chef had just finished the 5 tier cake!

It was a 4pm ceremony. Our groom had just arrived, and looked quite spiffy. Over in the preparation room, the amazing makeup artists were just readying the final touches.

The ceremony was completely unique. We started with hymns, then hand-written vows, and one amazing recessional! I love confetti – flower petals, bubbles, it always looks so good. At this moment, the crowd just went wild!

And now, after family photos, we had a beaming bridal party. We took some fairly goofy photos, and other photos that were a bit more formal. I like to try and get a mix of the two – not too rigid, but not too goofy.

And then, some time with just these two! We were trying to do a straight-face photo, but this fella just couldn’t stop smiling, not even for a second!

So I took out the prism, and it was time for some artsy photos!

Back at the Guisachan house, we had it packed full of family and friends.

There’s a lot more to this day – a money dance, the amazing traditional dresses, a LOT of candids, photos of kids, guests being goofy, but this album just isn’t ready quite yet.

This is just a sneak peek, a little preview of the photos the day after the wedding. A large one too – over 45 photos!

If you’d like to be notified once the album is ready, click here. It should be ready in about two weeks, and it’s a massive album!

There’s the first dance, our sneakaway, some very smokey photos, the photos in the garden, the kids running around and raiding the candy bar. It’s a whole experience!

Until then, feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you loved all the photos!