Rainy day weddings are my favourite. The bridal party always seems to expect the worst, but I’m always stoked. This rainy day wedding takes place at a magical place called Tin Poppy Retreat. 20 acres of cabins, overgrown forest, and an incredible lookout.

At 3:30, the rain had just begun. We were grateful for it, because of the recent fires. However, as you can see, it means everything was soaked in the pouring rain. I moved on to the dress, rings and details.

At the cabin, the guys were getting ready. Everyone had a cabin, and they’re all very picturesque.

Over at the girl’s cabin, they were busy with the wedding dress. We had to be quick – we had a first look in the books!

And already, at the Emerald Lodge, he was waiting for her.

It was such a moment, I can’t explain. They read their vows to each other and teared up a little bit. We had a few moments to catch ourselves, but outside the guests had arrived.

The rain was thunderous as ever, and we were sure we’d get soaked.

Things don’t always turn out how we think they will, though.

The rain held off just a little, just enough for the processional.

And then, it just flooded. We didn’t mind, we were all lost in the moment. The vows, the I Do’s. The rain made it even more dramatic.

And then, the rush inside. It was pouring, and we were already soaked!

The maid of honour pulled me aside and said, “If you want to do photos in the rain, we’ll do it!” and I said, “Ok!”

As you can see, this dress has seen better days. That was a relief, though, because I wanted to go out again.

Question is, which do we like more? Umbrella or no umbrella?

We made our way back to the Emerald Hall. They had decorated it just beautifully. Fairy lights everywhere, hanging vines, vintage couches, and of course the views.

The guys were cooking, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

This is where I’ll have to leave you, though. This is just a sampler, 55 photos of the day. The full album should be out in 2-3 weeks, so they’ll be more then!

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