These are certainly different times, and people are figuring out solutions every day. This was a unique solution, something I had never even considered. As the title suggests, three ceremonies in a day. That allowed us to have all the guests we needed, but still stay inside the governmental regulation. We even went so far so to consult with the powers-that-be the day before, and they told us it was all perfectly fine. So we began. It was on.

My day began at 10am. There was this beautiful little abode right by the lake, and that’s where the ceremony would be. I wanted to stick with very vibrant colours for the start – the dress shots, the rings, the flowers. Speaking of the rings….that’s rose gold, custom designed. Let’s take a closer look.

It was a sunny April morning, unusually warm, but the cool breeze off the water kept us nice and cool.

Down at the beach house, the first ceremony was already starting. This sampler is only about 50 pictures, so I can’t show you the detail quite yet, but I can tell you it was stunning. Fancy chairs, cookies with each guest’s name, and flowers everywhere. It was incredible, and at the same time so personal.

Before long, after hardly any time at all, we were ready for the first ceremony. I snapped a quick photo of our bride, and our hero makeup artist, and down to the beach house!

It went by so fast. It was so personal too, since there were so few people they had time to write out words of appreciation for each guest. Lots of laughter, and each ceremony had a different spin.

We made our way to a nearby park for some photos. With no bridal party, it was just the three of us. The sun was just setting, giving us that perfect evening light.

I concentrated on a lot of natural poses. It was easy, in their natural element, the two of them just spend time cracking each other up.

That’s the beauty of this place, there’s always creeks, waterfalls, and lakes. As it’s still early spring, the first leaves had just begun to sprout.

They had a small break, and so did I. But not for long, the cliffs were calling.

As a photographer, I know some of my best photos happen around golden hour, so I’ll even plan my day around it, spending weeks beforehand scouting out locations. In this one I lucked out- in location, weather, and we were the only ones around. But also for these two – I had to grab them away from their dinner, and cart them off to a massive cliff overlooking the lake. It can’t have been easy to leave, but I appreciate it so much. The photos tell the story.

Unfortunately, that’s where I’ll have to leave you. It was a unique wedding, and it was perfect. If you’d like to be on the list to see the photos once they’re finished, click here.

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The photos will be done in about two weeks, mostly likely, but I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say before then! Thank you for reading!

And this is the best way to end the day, feet kicked up, watching the sunset.