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It was a rickety old building, but you can see Tranquille Padova City, Kamloops, British Columbia yourself! They proudly have tours every September and October. Although these photos might be a bit older, you can check out and book your tours here.

Some folks believe this location is haunted, and for good reason. Even the Kamloops news had an article about the alleged hauntings!





Take from the Kamloops news:

“We didn’t want it to be just a walk. We wanted it to be a multi-sensory experience,” said McLeod.

Until the facility closed in 1985, the 2.4-metre tall, 2.4-metre wide passageways were used to deliver food, transport goods and even bodies between the site’s buildings.

The tunnels were also crucial to the hospital’s laundry service, which processed 682 kilograms of textiles a day for several health-care facilities including Royal Inland Hospital.

But the underground space includes more than just hallways.

“It’s like a small village down there,” said McLeod.

While investigating, Tranquille Farm staff discovered a series of rooms including a barbershop, storerooms, dining halls and even a morgue.

According to records, about 1,600 mostly young patients died of tuberculosis on the premises. – See more at: http://www.kamloopsnews.ca/news/city-region/tour-opens-spooky-tranquille-tunnels-1.1219714#sthash.gvjF4U19.dpuf”

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There is even an article in “I love Kamloops”




There have been stories for years that Tranquille is haunted. This makes for great story telling and movie making and has been the location for several movies in the past, not all scary ones.  This was  home to many people and hopefully it can be remembered for its glory days rather than haunted.

It is always sad to see something as important as this once was to those that lived here as well as the history of the area to be in the condition it is now in. Many had hoped that buildings could be refurbished to be used and appreciated once again, but circumstances have prevented that. There now is a plan in place that will restore the buildings that can be restored and to demolish as few as possible. We can only hope this becomes a reality and that many will be able to enjoy this beautiful place once again. Check this link to view some of these plans for the future.
Here is a current update to April 2013.

Kamloops has a lot of colorful history to enjoy, just another reason why there is no place like home.”