Finishing up the advanced classes, we invited in a few models and makeup artists. All the students had to bring a prop. One of my favorite props was the bubbles. As my model was blowing them, she commented that she could see her reflection.
And here it is. <3
We’re stoked on the photography lessons too. The last round was so fun! For the level two class, we invited in three models and three makeup artists. They were amazing! We were able to take some engaging photos in a variety of places.
There were a few tense moments, but for the most part it was exciting.
Yesterday was the final level two class. Everyone had to bring their computer, and we went through flash use and how to edit the photos in an effective way. We paid extra attention to the on board diffuser. Hard light isn’t used often in photography, and so the use of it is effective and provocative. We had it come in at and angle too. Eventually I’d love to talk about multi flash setups, but most of my students have one flash. Because that’s normal. Not to me, though!
We’ve got some big assignments coming up in the next week. I’m checking out some Zeiss glass (The Otis has caught my eye) because of the dynamic range. The sigma is good, but it cheats in my opinion. I noticed there’s very little definition between 4200 and 4400 k – right where the average skin tone lies. Because of that, you get artificially great looking skin. Literally because the lens is incapable of reproducing that tone.
The Zeiss glass is good, check out the flickr , and you can see it reproduces the skin faithfully, and the wallpaper – even though the wallpaper is the same shade as the skin.
Funny story: I was shooting a wedding last weekend, and I mention to my assistant I have G. A. S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and she kept her distance for a good hour. Eventually, my mind caught up with me and I told her what it is. Watch those photographer terms around your friends, peeps!