Just a few days ago, we finished the last photo walk of the year. Although there’s 8 classes, two of them are outside. We call them photo walks. The reason for this is because most people learn by doing.



This allows me to demonstrate the concepts that we’ve talked about. The first walk we talk a lot more about the technical aspects of your camera – shutter speed, flash use, long exposures….



Vernon’s creeks are fantastic for that. Because of the recent flooding, they’ve been very full!


At these walks, the students are encouraging to bring their friends and family as models. Here, we demonstrated flash use outside.




As you can see, the flash fills in shadows nicely. Also, you can better see the eyes with the flash. The flash gives us something we call “catchlights” in the eyes. With brown eyes especially, this is completely necessary! Never leave home without your flash!




We went into a few more rules of depth, composition, and posing before we called it a day. This is the last set of lessons until fall! This time of year, I’m shooting weddings and people almost every day, so unfortunately, as much as I enjoy it, there’s no time to be teaching. Thanks for all the students who came to my classes, and I wish you all the best in your photo taking career!


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