Every wedding has a theme. Sometimes it’s rubber ducks. Other times, it’s just the rain. This particular wedding had styling cufflinks all around. But let’s back up a little bit. We need to talk about this dress first.



The flowers arrived at around the same time as I did, so I immediately got to work arranging them to work with my dress shot. At Durali Villa, there’s never a shortage of places to get get this sometimes very difficult shot. Think of an 8 bedroom hotel, complete with home theatre and waterfall, all to yourself for the weekend. This whole villa was bustling with excitement.

I wasn’t the only one in love with this dress.



The veil was incredible too, one of the longest I’ve seen. Of course, we had to incorporate this into the ring shot.



The girls were busy getting ready. Hair, makeup, shoes, and a hundred other things.



The men were very busy too.



I think I mentioned that Durali Villa has a built in projector. What guy wouldn’t want this to be part of his morning?




Lets talk about our theme now. Everywhere I looked, everyone had cufflinks. I consider this a classy move. These cufflinks were personalized, which is an even classier move.



We had Toronto Maple Leafs cufflinks for the groom….



And classic leafs style for the groomsmen men, adding that vintage touch. Even guests were rocking their own sets of cufflinks.



Yes, that’s a stormtrooper. This fella’s bow tie was star wars themed as well. Suddenly I felt underdressed.



But not for long. Soon these two were walking back up the aisle as man and wife. I especially loved the groom’s white bow tie. The entire bridal party, all 12 of them, looked just amazing.




We went to O’Keefe Ranch to shoot a few formals. Shameless plug – O’Keefe ranch is one of my favourite places in Vernon. Whenever I’ve got a friend from out of town visiting, I always take them for a tour around the ranch. The owners are incredible, and there’s tours all the time where you can hear about the incredible history behind their several estate houses. And St. Anne’s Church is worth the price of admission alone.


Also great, the tall trees along the creek. As a side note, I’ve been wanting to do this shot forever. I needed the rare combination of a large bridal party and a lush outdoor setting. I think it turned out rather well.



The energy coming from the whole bridal party was unmistakable. Everyone was excited to be there, putting everything into the photos. But soon, it was time to steal the bride and groom for some formals before I rush them back to the reception a little late.




The sun provided us with some lovely backlit shots. The natural grass gave us a healthy green backdrop, and a little bit of pollen. Fortunately, we had all had our allergy medications.




And with that, I’ll have to end this sampler. I realize it’s a little late going up, but it’s also a much larger one. 16 photos, because I couldn’t choose just four or five. Feel free to right click or long press on these images, depending on if you’re on a cell or a computer. I leave my website open for anyone to download what they like. The full album will be done in a few weeks, so please be patient! It’s hard, I know.



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