Well, in Vernon we have more than our share of vineyards. This is an amazing, wonderful achievement, as it mixes my two favorite things – wine and weddings. This is about a particularly beautiful vineyard – Turtle Mountain Vineyard.

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Important to note – this isn’t the only wedding I’ve shot this year at turtle mountain! Click here to see the other one. It’s stunning.

Alright, time for some photos.

This is the first time I’ve done rings on candy. The venue was right below the bridal suite, giving me access to all kinds of candy for breakfast/ring purposes.

Vernon Photographer largedra_1194

Vernon Photographer largedra_1117


The dress wasn’t far off. The venue was decorating with these beautiful lights.

Vernon Photographer largedra_1156 Vernon Photographer largedra_1160


Heading upstairs, I took a few shots of the girls getting ready before I was off to the boy’s house!

Vernon Photographer largedra_1206


Activity everywhere! Shoes were being cleaned, shirts were ironed. More candy was served.

Vernon Photographer largedra_1213

Vernon Photographer largedra_1222

Vernon Photographer largedra_1269

Vernon Photographer largedra_1273


Not long after, we were ready.

Our dashing groom looked dashing.


Vernon Photographer largedra_1274


A normal group shot….

Vernon Photographer largedra_1301


…then one of the groomsmen asked me which shot I hated the most. I told him it was the jump shot, so we did a jump shot. We rocked it.

Vernon Photographer largedra_1345


Ironically, he’s the only one not jumping here. Still, though. How fun are jump shots. Next I drove to the girl’s house. Time to get some dress assemblage photos! (I hope anyone who googles “dress assemblage” is really happy something came up.)


Vernon Photographer largedra_1373



Kids were getting ready. <3 kids.


Vernon Photographer largedra_1411 Vernon Photographer largedra_1419


The mood was light. We were ahead of schedule, everyone was really enjoying themselves.


Vernon Photographer largedra_1459 Vernon Photographer largedra_1469


Morgen was busy making sure Amber looked just perfect. I can’t think of a more important part of a wedding than a mother. She was wonderful the whole day, particularly during the family photos. No one can arrange family members like a mom!


Vernon wedding largedra_1274


Before we knew it, we were ready to go. We made sure to get a few more formals before hittin’ the isle.


Vernon Photographer largedra_1554


Amber was really stunning. A little nervous, but who isn’t just before the big day?


Vernon Photographer largedra_1575



She looked absolutely amazing. I know I talk all the time about how I love weddings, but lets talk more about how much I love weddings. The amount of planning, a wedding dress lovingly picked. Co-ordination, vendors, the location, and even the parents join in. Every wedding is a momentous occasion. I don’t, for a second, ever forget what I’m lucky enough to be part of.


The ceremony was simple and beautiful. And, as always, over too quickly.


Vernon Photographer largedra_1737

I always ask, “Will you make a receiving line?” Even if they don’t want a receiving line, it is of course happening. Absolutely it is.


Vernon Photographer largedra_2003

Vernon Photographer largedra_2016

Vernon Photographer largedra_2032

Vernon Photographer largedra_2036


And here we have a group shot. I’m not sure how many of you remember this, but I got my leg stuck in a chair. I’m not even kidding. I was standing on a chair, then I guess from the slight rain, I slipped backwards. The bridesmaids rushed to help me and we got it out pretty quick. That’s not really something I choose to be embarrassed about. It was a mistake anyone with extremely large feet could make.

Vernon Photographer largedra_2111


Here’s a group shot. Slight gap between the bride and groom, but other than that I really nailed it. Plus we got the little guy on the bottom left to look. Awesome!

Vernon Photographer largedra_2471


We got some great kinda goofy shots. It was a challenge, because there’s so many of them. Everyone had a great sense of humour and injected a bit of their wacky personality into the shot.

Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding


Vernon Photographer largedra_2218


Bridesmaids and groomsmen shots were particularly well. The wind made us look like supermodels.


Vernon Photographer largedra_2230


Probably the top notch makeup, hair, and overall good looking party had something to do with it too.


Vernon Photographer largedra_2364

Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding

A few formals, and then it’s time to hit the venue and get some food in us!


Vernon Photographer largedra_2559

Vernon Photographer largedra_2569


We were getting just the right mix of diffused and harsh light. My personal preference is hard light, because it adds more textures. Especially to the background. With clouds, I have to work harder to get depth.

Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding

Vernon Photographer largedra_2573


I love lens flare. This was a love hate relationship. Back in the day, when lenses were far more terrible, I’d get lens flare even if the slightest sun in my image. Now it’s intentional. I’ve got to work for it. So, because it’s rare, I like it again.


Vernon Photographer largedra_2582


Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding

Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding



Time to see the cake!

Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding

Vernon Photographer largedra_2704 Vernon Photographer largedra_2716 Vernon Photographer largedra_2713



Detail on this cake was amazing. I ended up having a little photo shoot with the cake. Who ended up keeping the top layer of their cake for their golden anniversary? Let me know in the comments.


Vernon Photographer largedra_2872


Everyone was getting busy. A few friends of mine asked me to take a portrait of them, so I did. Fun fact: If you see me at a wedding, and you’re a guest, feel free to grab me at the reception and ask for a portrait. Every guest gets every picture, that’s my motto.  It might take me a little while to get around to you, but I will, and you’ll have an awesome portrait.


Vernon Photographer largedra_2892


And then I might sneak another one later on.


Vernon Photographer largedra_3071


I really hope those two get married. I very much want to shoot their wedding.


Vernon Photographer largedra_3169


It was time to cut the cake. It was cute, and all the kids were lined up in front to get their piece.


Vernon Photographer largedra_3152


Looks like we’ve got another photographer into it too!


Vernon Photographer largedra_3167


At this time, the wedding splits off. Like the final season of survivor. Outside, grandma and grandpa were having their own special dance. The kids were transfixed by minecraft. Someone was eating their cake while looking off into the city lights. The photo booth was getting a lot of use. Folks were taking selfies at their tables. Dancers were dancing.


Vernon Photographer largedra_3195


Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding


Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding



This picture below is a wedding tradition. I love wedding traditions. I also love finally finding that perfect place on the ceiling to bounce my flash so the photos don’t look too dark.



Vernon Photographer largedra_3233


Vernon Photographer largedra_3255


A just like that, the night was over.


Vernon Photographer largedra_3268


My favorite closing shot. It was an amazing evening, full of candy and some of my favorite people ever.

This is a lot of photos, but it’s not all the photos. If you’d like to see the whole shebang, click here.

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