Engagement Session in January.

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I had the pleasure of photographing Quinn and Kailey for their upcoming September wedding. This was an amazing couple, down for anything! Normally my engagement sessions go for 2-4hrs, this session went for six hours, and not a complaint to be heard from them at the end!

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Most photographers shy away from winter engagement shoots, but not Draht Photography. The Okanagan is full of great places to shoot, and I had no shortage of ideas. A few really great ones was the long exposure on Hospital hill. Quinn and Kailey had to stay still for a thirty second exposure! It worked out, though, we simply had to drag the shutter for quite some time. I’m glad that I teach photography classes, otherwise this info might become kind of old or unfamiliar. I go through the basics and the advanced classes over and over again!

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We’ve got quite a few more ideas coming for the studio soon. Three new backdrops, two studio lights, two large umbrellas, a few more floordrops, and image studios is going to continue to redefine photography in British Columbia. The equipment keeps piling up, and our reputation is getting us more engagements and weddings than we can book! This is my dream, if I could shoot a wedding every day, I sure would! Then engagements on the weekdays. I’ve got so many ideas I’d like to try out. Right now I’m working with a barn out in armstrong, and a few tunnels under Kelowna, BC. How cool is that?

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In the end, I’m happy to be wedding and engagement Photographer in the Okanagan. This is the most beautiful place in the world (be quiet, vancouver island peeps!) and I’m honoured to be part of such a wide, engaging, exciting tapestry. There’s an unlimited amount of mountains, venues, lakes, ponds, golf courses, hills, wildlife, observatories (I’m not even joking) to make a photo memorable. Destination weddings, listen up! This is the place to plan your event!

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