There was an almost rainy wedding at Quail Ridge Golf Course in Kelowna. There were times when we were worried, but the bride and groom agreed (though bridesmaids and groomsmen passing on messages) that heck. Let’s just do the ceremony in the rain if we have to.

So I got some pretty amazing photos. Keep in mind this is a sampler – it’s a few of my favourite photos from the 4,000 I shot during this almost-rainy wedding. The wedding where the sun showed up just in time and gave us one of my favourite photos ever. The entire album will be up soon, I’ve got it scheduled for the Monday after this Monday. That’s July 10th. Mark it on your calendars and bookmark this page. You’re going to see a pretty big gallery.




The ring shots turned out really well – we had a kind gardener nearby who who showed us all of his favourite flowers. It went well with the theme of the wedding. I always love starting off a day with strong compositions.




The boutonnieres were ready to go too. I can’t describe the material exactly. It felt like a soft wood. They certainly photographed well.




We took the men’s formals in a beautiful century old house. There were knick knacks everywhere. Even original windows. If you looked closely, you could see the pooled glass. We spent about an hour there, and it was time for the ceremony. And ho boy, does that part of the day ever go quickly.




Handwritten vows, they talked about how they played video games together and he promised to let her always taste his beer even if he knew she wouldn’t like it. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Partially because it was raining, and it kinda got through the umbrellas. But most because their sincerity was so apparent.




After, as tradition dictates, we performed only the most complex of poses. I would point out the symbolistic meaning of this pose and photo, but I think it’s really obvious.




Quail Ridge Golf Course was ours. Although we had a dodge a few golf balls, we pretended the green was ours and got some photos I’m really proud of. It’s kinda eating me up inside, I can’t wait to show the entire album! But it takes time to make sure every photo is perfect. A week and two days, to be exact.




It was the perfect setting. We got some serious photos and some goofy ones. Mostly goofy ones. And the setting was stunning, every photo is unique and pretty breathtaking. Some Canola plants, tall trees, and wide expanses make for a happy photographer.




Even the place settings were amazing. Kudos to the venue – they really went above and beyond. The purple napkins were custom ordered, and the decorations were hand picked especially for this wedding.




Right around sunset we snuck out to get a few more photos. Always a few more photos, with this photographer at least. We had literally two minutes before the sun set, so we had to be quick! I just aimed my camera and let them do their thing. The flare produced from my admittedly older 85mm lens really made the shot for me.

Keep this page in mind, I’ll be updating it soon with a link to the full album. Pop by my facebook, instagram, or twitter to stay updated. And as always, I appreciate you reading this far. Stay tuned for a pretty incredible album.