Yup, I know I still haven’t posted the previous wedding. I’m also aware that most of my teasers are about 3-5 images. Obviously, I couldn’t do that here.

Wedding Dress

Normally, for every ten images I take, I keep one. This keeps the median standards high. This wedding is a little different. This wedding, I seem to be keeping every second image. The whole day felt like one hour. There wasn’t a moment we weren’t laughing and joking with each other.

largeIMG_0088 largeIMG_0260 largeIMG_0187

And Meghan. Oh my gosh! What a down to earth, beautiful bride. The effect she had on my camera was wonderful. The colors came together in a way I haven’t seen before. This is me holding back, btw. If I had a few more hours to write this post, there’s be 25 images up there instead of four.


Not like I haven’t processed 250 images today already. I love photographering.


The wedding went surprisingly smoothly. I say “surprising” because no wedding usually goes this smoothly. I was on time bringing the bride and groom to the reception (unheard of for me), I didn’t get a single light stand knocked down, and none of my equipment broke down. I thought I’d ruined a flash, but it turns out I just overheated it (oops). And so all is well in the world again.


I love kids. This wedding was full of kids everywhere. They were all watching me. It’s cool how they don’t look away or try to hide it. They’re watching you, and that’s just the way it is. Kids are neat.



Ceremony went well. It was almost 37º, so we opted for an indoor wedding. This was a good idea. Our venue, PaddleWheel Hall, is huge. Very huge. So I certainly got some good use out of my 70-200 f/2.8L.

largeIMG_0538 largeIMG_0581

After there was a ton of hugging. We didn’t think there’d be a receiving line, but then all of a sudden BOOM receiving line.

largeIMG_0868 largeIMG_0894

After, we headed to our super-top-secret location to take our formals. It’s located about a two minute drive from Ellison Beach, right along eastside road.


Check out this footwear. Perfect.


Boom. That happened. A gorgeous wedding for a wonderful couple.

I’m going to update this blog with the full wedding by the end of the week – photo processing is due on friday evening, because I’m doing a wedding on a yacht! How exciting will that be!