Every eight weeks or so, we gather all of our classes from our Level 1, Advanced, and Level Three groups. It’s always a ton of fun, and we end up having a lot of willing models. This time, we decided to meet up at Polson Park.

For those of you who haven’t been, Polson Park is the jewel of the North Okanagan. We’ve got two large duck ponds, a fully functioning water wark, a large race track, and a ton of trees. It’s right the middle of town with no shortage of places to visit. If you haven’t been, and live in Vernon, jump in your car right now!

Photos of Vernon Polson Park

We started off by talking about shards of light. We’ve got a ton of really good ones coming through the trees. The sun wasn’t low enough to give us a few bokeh balls. Life is full of tradeoffs.

Little bit of backlighting here too. I was really encouraged by my students – I had mentioned earlier on, you don’t want an entire shoot to focus on backlighting. That’s shouldn’t be your only trick in your camera bag. They all got a few backlit shots, then went off looking for other interesting shots. Score!

Photos of Vernon Polson Park

Here, we’ve got the light coming in at an angle. I’ve got a cheap polarizer on (Hoya? I think) and so the whole image was washed out. I can fix this in photoshop using the de-haze filter, but I was actually going for this effect.


There were a lot of people. The background was never clear. I just think this photo is funny, so I included it.

Photos of Vernon Polson Park Photos of Vernon Polson Park

Here we’re messing around with backlight a bit more.

There’s two ways to trigger an off camera flash. Optically, and by radio signal.

These Yungnuo 560‘s are limited to 1/200 of a sec firing rate – but I can fire them remotely using a trigger. This is super important. That means the flash can be out of line of sight for me, and still work. Also, sometimes the optically triggered flashes only work at 1/150ths, not necessarily at 1/200ths all the time.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading this far. If you’d like to be part of the next round, consider sending me a message and I’ll put you in our email list for when we start back up again in september! 😀