…And what a wedding it was. We stayed at the Iberostar Playa Mita all inclusive resort in Mexico. This was a nice rest for me. Shooting weddings is more fun for me than anything else, probably my favourite thing to do. Besides editing the photos. This wedding was fresh, exciting, and unique.





Keep in mind this is a sampler – just ten or so images just to give you an idea of what the final album will look like. The full album will be up in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be posting a link to it here on the blog. So the blog would be a great place to bookmark and check up on.

If I could, I’d post all the photos today, but I spend 40-80hrs on the albums, color matching, cropping, adjusting brightness of different parts of the images, ect. There’s a lot of work that goes into my photos. Every detail is pre-planned, then post-processed.


That’s the ring. It’s in a drink glass filled with ice. After, the ice melted and I drank the icy cold water.




Bouquets arrived on time. In the detail shots in the final album, you’ll see little diamonds between the flowers. The details in this wedding were incredible. I was always running around and getting ideas.




Keep the sun out of your eyes, and lets the other beach goers know you mean business. Marriage business.




Ignacio was looking a little nervous. And a little hot, not only in the metaphorical sense. It was nearing 36 degrees outside (96 degrees fahrenheit for you americans), so it was what I would classify as “A little hot.” Of course, I am from Canada.




Amanda had just finished her hair and was looking stunning. The bridesmaids came by and hugs were exchanged.




It was going quickly. Very fast. Bridesmaids were putting their dresses on, and I was snapping pictures like a madman.




Amanda looked stunning in her dress. This hotel is fantastic. There are so many places to take beautiful pictures.




The venue was stunning – a glass balcony overlooking the vast ocean. All I could hear were cheers and and the roar of the tide coming in.




Flower petals were everywhere. They both looked overjoyed. Everyone was clapping.




Even the bouquets were incredible. The color theory in this image makes me so happy.




And the sun in Mexico only served to make the photos brighter, happier.





I was having the time of my life. We all were really enjoying ourselves. Amanda was simply radiant. You could could tell, she was so excited she couldn’t keep still.




And off to the Ocean.





It was a little windy, but the breeze was welcome. Coming right off the ocean, it had the aroma of the ocean mixed with all the smells of the delicious foods being cooked at the resort. We took of our socks and shoes and ran into the water to cool down.




Photos by the ocean when you’re in Mexico are mandatory.





A little dancing on the beach. This isn’t colour corrected. It was actually this orange.




And right to the reception.


As I mentioned, there are many, many more photos to go through. But you have to wait for a little while. They’ll be available before you know it. I can’t wait either to be honest. This is going to be incredible. The full album will be posted in the Draht Photography Blog – so keep your eyes open.


Thanks for reading this far, though. If you’d like keep up, follow my facebook, instagram, twitter, or tumblr . Talk to you all soon!