This is the entry discussing my trip to Antelope Canyon and a few other places near Vegas. If you’d like to see the whole album, click here.



Vegas is always a ton of fun for me. The city is meh. I’m not really into gambling and…we’ll say the other things the city offers. However, once you get out into the desert I start to get really excited.



Horseshoe bay is one of my favorite places. I actually went to Antelope Canyon last year, but I wasn’t successful in finding horseshoe bend. For sure it didn’t let me down. The photos really don’t do it justice. It was massive. If I looked straight down, I could people kayaking along Lake Mead as the tiniest specs.




Upper antelope Canyon was amazing too. Last time I went to lower antelope. It was deeper, but much windier. Here we had a lot more time to relax and enjoy ourselves. It was way less expensive to hire a guide as well. I think it was 40$ for the two of us. She spent a lot of time pointing out all the formations and was a wealth of knowledge.




It’s crazy too, because from above it looks just like a random crack in the stone. There’s nothing remarkable about it. Then, as you descend deeper and deeper, the smoothly polished stone takes on its own personality.





We also drove through Joshua Tree national park. There were helicopters everywhere and no drones allowed. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.



It’s the sunsets that really get me. Every evening, I was treated to these spectacular shows of light. Fun fact: My favourite hotel in Vegas is Mandalay Bay. Because they have floor to ceiling windows right at the end of the strip. You can watch the sun set from the comfort of your room.



The salt flats at death valley were really something else. I’ve never seen anything like it. It went from baking hot to freezing cold in under and hour as the sun set.  It was just incredible.



Ghost towns everywhere. Old cars, school buses, and strangest of all…water towers. That’s something I’ve never seen in Canada before.



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