There’s something to be said about small weddings. Silver Star rents out houses big to small, so the party’s on day and night.




And from start to finish, the was a party. When I entered, the house was already full of life. Little girls were already dressed up, flying up and down the stairs with the speed and energy that can only be attributed to youth and probably sugar.



Everyone knew that this day is special. You could feel the electricity right away.  The groom and I shook hands, and right away he showed me his vows.



This is a pretty personal moment, and he really put a lot of effort into it. Even going to far as to illustrate it. About 30 minutes into the day and the three of us were already breaking down.



Downstairs, the girls spun their dresses, completely unaware of this moment unfolding.



But time was running out. Everyone was waiting downstairs. “We have to get the dress on! Where’s the Justice!”, the German part of my brain screamed. That part of my brain likes everything to be on time, all the time. I can usually shut it up with Jägermeister.



It was time. Everyone is here.




The ceremony went smoothly. There were 10 foot windows casting light into the room. That’s what I look for – directional light to create pleasing gradients. And fitted suits. This suit was fitted.




And emotion. There was so much noise, I’m sure nothing like that had happened in that house before. Everyone clapped and took photos.

“We did it! How do you feel?”

“Eric, I feel relieved.”

We laughed, loaded up the car with a few beers, laughed some more, and took off. After family formals, of course.



Although it was 8 degrees in town, we had a decent -3 up at silver star. The snow was fluffy, and lingered on the trees. We had to make sure we got just the right light for this.






Of course, it always helps to have a helper.



And this guy had plenty of energy to spare. I think he had more fun than we did! It certainly was memorable for all of us, all the same. But like every wedding day, it ended quickly. The sun had set. Our little ski village was lit by many tiny lights instead of one big one.



And so that’s where we’ll have to leave you for now. Keep in mind, this is just a sampler. It’s a few photos to let you know you’re in the right place. If you’d like to see the full album, you’ll have to wait two weeks! Feel free to fill out this form with your name, and the name of the bride and groom if you’d like an invite to the final gallery after we’ve finished the proofing.



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