And now it’s time for family photos!


Vernon Photographer 2


In all seriousness, this is why I love photography. There’s a lot to it. Here, I’m messing around with color theory. There’s composite colors, and complementary colors. I’ve got to do something while my year is winding down!


Vernon Photographer 27 Vernon Photographer 45


I’m starting to book up slowly for 2016 – I’m about 30% booked up. It’s kind of  a weird time, I guess. Guys are just starting to ask their girlfriends to marry them, and photography isn’t always the highest on the list. I think it should be, but I’m biased I suppose.


Vernon Photographer 64Vernon Photographer 72Vernon Photographer 67 Vernon Photographer 74


Did you know that when a house is burning down, the first thing usually reached for is the family photos? Not with me. I keep them around for ten years. I have every single family shoot, every single headshot saved on a series of disk drives. It gets easier as time goes on, but kind of expensive. Did you know I shot 3TB of photos this year? Yup. That’s about 100,000 images, for you sticklers.

And I’m stoked. This has been my most successful year, by far. I’ve shot more weddings, and done more family shoots than ever.

And my conversion process….


Vernon Photographer 96


I’m in love with it. I think I did need a different conversion process for every kind of color. This one up there, I bounced my highlights. It’s a work in progress, but I can only get better if I’m shooting!


Vernon Photographer 136


If you ever have a shoot with me, make sure you bring lots of props. In this case, we chatted before and I gave the kids smoke bombs. I can just imagine the yelp review. “Yeah, he was great, but he gave my toddler fireworks.” Worth it, though….


Vernon Photographer 183

Vernon Photographer 178 Vernon Photographer 190 Vernon Photographer 189 Vernon Photographer 188 Vernon Photographer 186


And more fun! I tried to use it in an engagement shoot, but it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. I’m going to be photographing these two’s wedding in Hawaii in Feburary. I’m one excited photographer!


Engagement Photographer_5652


Engagement Photographer_5481


Engagement Photographer_5489


Engagement Photographer_5515


Engagement Photographer_5549


Engagement Photographer5648


It’s getting a little close to my awesome plan of doing a photo shoot in the rain. This was a little rainy, but it’s got to be darker. We’ll see how it is in Hawaii. I have the feeling a lot of my camera equipment is going to go defective. Water is a fickle mistress.

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