So first off, the website redesign. Oh man. Was that ever tough! Things still aren’t quite where I’d like them, but there’s a lot of improvements.

I’m doing what I can to keep this blog updated, but it won’t be as frequent as before. The gallery pages now have descriptions on them. I try to make the descriptions about 300 words. That’s great, because it describes the shoot. It’s not super great because I’ve got to write 300 words every time I put up a gallery.

As always, it’s a work in progress. The upside is that I can build this website much, much larger than the old one. I’ve got a shoot almost every day, and I love blogging my shoots.


Kelowna Family Photographer036


This has been a week of family shoots.

The more I do it, the more I like it. There’s never a dull moment, we’ll just say that. The new gallery pages have been slideshows. Click here to see the above gallery. We shot it at Polson Park, which is starting to look simply stunning with the flowers and roses coming out.


Kelowna Family Photographer061


We even had a shoot at Silver Sage.

This little guy was every kind of adorable, and the farm provided everything I could have asked for in terms of props. Even a horse! Click here for that gallery.


Vernon Family Photographer027


Even Amanda’s family got involved. These shoots are always intense – two boys, and a brand new two month old girl! We kept ’em busy though. These shoots are especially rewarding. Little kids get this special look in their eyes when they’re really excited. That’s why I like to do the shoots in parks. There’s so much for them to play with. Click here for Amanda’s shoot.


Coldstream Family Photographer036

The day after found me in Coldstream.

I haven’t met Jessica before, but her sister knows me well. I was super stoked at the weather at Coldstream Park – we had to reschedule before. As I arrived, there were deer calmly eating grass in the baseball diamond.

Editing these photos afterwards I basically had a cuteness overload. And the forget me nots are really great colour theory. Click here for this gallery.


Vernon Headshot Photographer003

And then, Headshots.

I’m never quite sure who’s going to walk in through that door. This kid was extremely polite, and had a wide range of emotions he could express. The family mentioned they were going to send these headshots to an agency. I think it’s going to be easy for this guy to get work.

There’s other shoots I’ve left out. Taking photos of cheese for instance. And don’t forget, I’m teaching on Monday’s as well!

However, I’m glad to be able to show you guys what I’ve been up to. Be sure to check up on my twitter, facebook, and instagram to stay updated.  Or just drop me line and we can schedule something! I’m doing a lot of grad shoots and family shoots right now. Talk to you soon!