This was a winery wedding in Penticton. We had a first look at Bench 1775, and a ceremony at the gorgeous 3 sisters winery.

But first, we begin with some details – rings, flowers. One of our lovely bridesmaids had opened her house to us, and so we happily took her up on her generous offer.

Up the road, the guys were all getting ready.

Bow ties and suspenders for the win! Back at the girls’, we had a wedding dress ready for a bride!

As one does, we felt we were ready for a very special portrait.

Over at Bench 1775, the the groom was preparing for the first look.

I was genuinely jazzed. The overhead sun made for some bright and beautiful photos. And now, the bridal party.

My criterion for photos is “Would someone want this on their wall?” Sometimes, I have to change up the location to make a photo more scenic. I feel these are photos they’d love to have on their wall. There’s a whole range, here we went between fun and formal.

At three sisters, guests were arriving – it’s time for the ceremony! We were fortunate to have a 4pm ceremony, the sun had hid just behind the clouds.

If you’ve ever thought of doing bubbles for your recessional, absolutely you should do it. It was absolutely beautiful.

We hung back for a few moments to got more photos. Some of the guests couldn’t help themselves and popped by.

And of course, my favourite time. Just me, a bride, and a groom!

Unfortunately, I’ll have to end this here. It was a beautiful day, full so so many funny candid moments. They’ll be so many wonderful memories of this stunningly beautiful day.

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