Lilac the colour, which is a very specific shade of purple. Sort of a light purple.

We begin our morning in my lovely hometown, in Vernon, BC. I’m always excited to photograph here, as we have a ridiculous amount of parks, lakes, creeks, and hiking trails. These two told me that their first date was a 12 hour hike, so it seems fitting we’d get some hiking done today!

On an especially bright Sunday afternoon, I was greeted with a gorgeous dress, and I made a new friend at the same time.

We had a 2:30 ceremony, so there wasn’t much time to waste.

Over at the venue, a little backyard in coldstream, people had arrived and they had begun to seat themselves. Backyard weddings are fun because there’s fairly personal, and there’s a lot of freedom – especially when you have a beautiful acreage.

The ceremony was absolutely stunning. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. If you look closely, you can see.

It was lovely, with hand written vows, in such a personal space.

After a group photo and some family photos, we all jumped into our cars to a nearby park. The wonderful thing about Coldstream is there’s a park about every 100 feet, so we did that.

I’ll bet you’re starting to see a theme here!

And the bridal party looked incredible – they really brought the party too!

As much fun as we were having, it was time for a few photos with just this stunning bride and groom. I started out with a older style of photo – simple compositions, and stark contrasts.

Then, though, I pivoted. There’s a certain kind of photo I can only get when the conditions are just right. Today was one of those days.

And, maybe a little lavender.

Of course, we had to make our way to Kal Park as well.

Back at our backyard venue, the boys were playing frisbee, and dinner was being served. It’s no secret that I just love candids, so I wandered around and took pictures for a bit.

A few lambs paid us a visit.

Ever resourceful, the guests made full use of the tractor.

I’m afraid this is where I’ll have to leave you today though! This is just a sampler, a little over 40 of the photos for you folks who couldn’t be there, and all the lovely guests who did make it.

There’s a lot more photos, but they’re coming in a few weeks. There’s a lot of tears, a slow first dance, cupcakes, and a lot of candids. Some lovely moments. If you’d like to be notified when the gallery is done and approved, click here to add your name to the list!

Until then, feel free to download these photos by long-pressing them. If you’d like to see more, and my editing adventures and stories, follow me on instagram, facebook, or tumblr!