Today was a rare treat. Not only did I get to photograph a wedding in my lovely hometown of Vernon, but I got to take a few photos that have been on my bucket list from quite some time.

But you’ll have to read on to see it! We start with the rings. This is a small backyard ceremony, which is lovely when I have so much to work with.

We were really lucky, as the neighbor had a lovely pink sandcherry bush. We became friends and he let me use it for the dress shot. Shoutout to the super nice neighbour!

Over at the hotel, the guys were getting ready. We had a 2:30 ceremony to prepare for, and the time seems to go by quicker as the day goes by.

Within the hour, the guys were ready to go. It was a party in there, and that’s exactly how it should be!

Over at the girl’s, the chairs were set, and hair was just finishing up.

And just like that, right on time, she was ready.

Outside, everyone had gathered together for the ceremony. Hand written vows, and a lot of very sweet moments.

The weather went from cloudy to sunny to cloudy again. We rolled with it, it gave us such variety in the photos. Bright days mean bright photos, and clouds mean moodier photos. We had the whole range! So, here’s our beautiful bridesmaids photos.

And our groomsmen!

And of course we had to let our groom know how loved he is.

Then, my favourite time. Formals, with just the bride and groom.

Our original plan was to hold the ceremony at Silver Star, but for obvious reasons we will not mention it hadn’t worked out. I had a plan, though, for these formals – simple. Just very simple. One colour – green, so (nerd notes) we could work with primary colour theory. It’s much more difficult to come out with a simple composition than a complex one, but so rewarding.

And here we go. These two.

The overcast sky reflected off the grass, giving the photos a classic look I am quite fond of. We caught bits of rain and dust, if you look carefully.

Back at the house, everyone was enjoying a delicious dinner and speeches. I love speeches just for the candids. They’re moment like no other.

And we ran off in time for the sunset. To be fair, it was a little cloudy. But there’s the photo I’ve wanted to get over the city of Vernon for years now. We started with a few more dramatic shots, ones that only work when the clouds are a certain way.

And then, a few moments as we sat down and relaxed for a few minutes before heading back to the party.

Just my favourite, from that old lookout.

And here’s a neat fact, although this sampler is about 70 photos, you can sign up here for access to the full gallery in two weeks! Although you can long click and save any of these images, there’s a lot coming! Keep in mind your request has to be approved to enter the gallery, so emails without names won’t be approved.

And so this is where I’ll leave you. It was a magical first dance, with fairy lights around the arch, and edison lights along the fence. If you’d like to follow me, give my instagram, tumblr, or facebook a follow! We’ll talk soon!